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Press-Library Collaborations Explored in AAUP Report

split screen of young woman with laptop and young man with laptop facing each otherimage © Mitchell Joyce and Kristin MansonThe Association of American University Presses (AAUP) surveyed its members and ARL libraries in 2012 to identify elements of successful collaborations. The survey included questions on operational and financial structures and resulted in descriptions of the variety of existing relationships between presses and libraries. Follow-up interviews with some respondents were conducted in 2013. Today AAUP released a report, Press and Library Collaboration Survey, that includes a number of broad conclusions and recommendations for successful collaboration. For an overview and to read the full report, see the AAUP news release, “Successful Press-Library Collaborations Rely on Complementary Skills, Resources, and Missions.”


Membership Meeting 2012 (Spring): 21st Century Scholarly Publishing and the Third Space

Proceedings of the 160th ARL Membership Meeting, May 2012.

pdf mm12sp-dewey.pdf


Membership Meeting 2010 (Spring): University Press eBook Options: Research Project Process and Outcomes

Presented at the 156th ARL Membership Meeting, April 2010.

pdf mm10sp-ivins.pdf


Partnering to Publish 2010: The Benefits of Collaborative Marketing at Purdue University Libraries / Press

After presenting an organizational context in which Purdue University Press is embedded in the Libraries, the speaker explores the concept of "a continuum of scholarly communication needs" at Purdue University, and shows how the Press and Digital Collections Librarian are collaborating to try and provide services to fill these. He then focuses on marketing as a key area of collaboration. Presented at the SSP/ARL "Partnering to Publish" Seminar, November 2010.

pdf partnering-to-publish-watkinson-nov2010.pdf


Membership Meeting 2009 (Fall): Options for Research Library Support of Small Publisher Operations

Presented at the 155th ARL Membership Meeting, October 2009.

pps mm09fall-lutherivins.pps


Membership Meeting 2009 (Fall): Options for Research Library Support of Small Publisher Operations

Presented at the 155th ARL Membership Meeting, October 2009.

mp3 mm09fall-ivins-luther.mp3


Research Library Publishing Services: New Options for University Publishing

To foster a deeper understanding of an emerging research library role as publishing service provider, in late 2007 the Association of Research Libraries surveyed its membership to gather data on the publishing services they were providing. Following the survey, publishing program managers at ten institutions participated in semi-structured interviews to delve more deeply into several aspects of service development: the sources and motivations for service launch, the range of publishing services, and relationships with partners.

pdf research-library-publishing-services-mar08.pdf


Membership Meeting 2007 (Fall): University Research Publishing or Distribution Strategies?

Proceedings of the 151st ARL Membership Meeting, October 2007.

pdf mm07fall-shulenburger.pdf


ARL: A Bimonthly Report 252/253 (Jun./Aug. 2007)

Special Double Issue on University Publishing

pdf arl-br-252-253.pdf


Fall Forum 2006: Universities Rethink Publishing

Proceedings of the 2006 ARL/CNI Fall Forum, "Improving Access to Publicly Funded Research: Policy Issues and Strategies." Sarah E. Thomas presents on the DPubS Digital Publishing System.

ppt ff06-thomas.ppt



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