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Law Serials Pricing and Mergers: A Portfolio Approach

Using data from more than 400 legal serials, Mark McCabe estimates the impact of six publisher mergers on law serial prices during the period 1990–2000. The results suggest that merger-related price increases were substantial during this period, even after accounting for secular price trends.

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Recognizing Digitzation as a Preservation Reformatting Method

This paper was prepared in 2004 at the request of the ARL Preservation Committee to facilitate the development and implementation of policies, standards, guidelines, and best practices in using digitization for reformatting purposes.

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SPEC Kit 280: Library User Surveys (June 2004)

A scanned version of SPEC Kit 280 is available full view through HathiTrust. pdf View the document here »

A print copy is available for $45.00 ($35.00 ARL members) plus shipping and handling.


Letter to Robert F. Bennett re: FY 2005 funding request for the National Agricultural Library (NAL) (Jun. 1, 2004)

Letter from library associations in support of the FY 2005 funding request of $23.3 million for the National Agricultural Library (NAL).

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Statement of Miriam M. Nisbet, H.R. 107, Digital Media Consumers' Rights Act (May 12, 2004)

Testimony urging Congress to support the Digital Media Consumers?? Rights Act.

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Framing the Issue: Open Access

A resource guide to assist and inform discussions of open access. It highlights the key points to consider in thinking about and discussing open access, gives examples of open access implementation, and provides sources for more information.

pdf framing-issue-open-access-may04.pdf


Joint Letter in Support of LC FY2004 Budget Request (Apr. 22, 2003)

Library association letter in support of the FY2004 budget request of the Library of Congress.

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