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Karla L. Hahn

Research Library Issues, no. 282 (Spring 2013): Pre-pub of "The State of Large-Publisher Bundles in 2012"

RLI issue 282: Pre-pub of "The State of Large-Publisher Bundles in 2012"


Licensing E-Journal Bundles from Large Publishers

magazine-stackimage © thebittenword.comARL has released a pre-publication version of an article on “The State of Large-Publisher Bundles in 2012,” which will be featured in the forthcoming Research Library Issues no. 282 (Spring 2013).


Membership Meeting 2009 (Fall): Notes on ARL E-science Working Group Survey

Highlights from E-Science Working Group survey of 52 member libraries. Presented at the 155th ARL Membership Meeting, October 2009.

pdf mm09fall-esciencenotes.pdf


Talking Points for ARL Directors: The University’s Role in the Dissemination of Research and Scholarship--A Call to Action

These talking points provide a complement to ARL's statement on "The University's Role in the Dissemination of Research and Scholarship."

pdf call-to-action-talking-points-11feb09.pdf


Membership Meeting 2008 (Spring): Research Library Publishing Services

Proceedings of the 152nd ARL Membership Meeting, May 2008.

pps mm-152-hahn.pps


Research Library Publishing Services: New Options for University Publishing

To foster a deeper understanding of an emerging research library role as publishing service provider, in late 2007 the Association of Research Libraries surveyed its membership to gather data on the publishing services they were providing. Following the survey, publishing program managers at ten institutions participated in semi-structured interviews to delve more deeply into several aspects of service development: the sources and motivations for service launch, the range of publishing services, and relationships with partners.

pdf research-library-publishing-services-mar08.pdf


Issue Brief: AAP PR Campaign against Open Access and Public Access to Federally Funded Research: Update re the PRISM Coalition

pdf issue-brief-aap-pr-prism-2007.pdf


Issue Brief: John Wiley and Sons Acquisition of Blackwell Publishing

pdf issue-brief-wiley-blackwell-2007.pdf



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