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ARL Membership Meeting


Fall Forum 2006: The Public Access Policy

Proceedings of the 2006 ARL/CNI Fall Forum, "Improving Access to Publicly Funded Research: Policy Issues and Strategies." Introduction to the NIH Public Access Policy.

ppt ff06-bravo.ppt


Membership Meeting 2005 (Fall): Task Force on New Ways of Measuring Collections

Presented at the 147th ARL Membership Meeting, October 2005 as part of the ARL Business Meeting.

ppt mm05fall-franklin.pdf


Membership Meeting 2005 (Fall): National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program (NDIIPP)

ARL Strategic Directions Steering Committee Topical Briefing, presented at the 147th ARL Membership Meeting, October 2005.

pdf mm-147-lefurgy-rasenberger.pdf


Membership Meeting 2005 (Spring): Antitrust Issues in Scholarly & Legal Publishing: The Anticompetitive Implications of Bundling & the Conditions Set by Large STM Publishers [highlights]

This discussion considered the emerging landscape of publisher business practices, legal options, and alternatives such as more effective negotiation practices.

pdf mm05sp-antitrust-summary.pdf

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