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Tyler O. Walters

SHared Access Research Ecosystem EDUCAUSE Review Article

“SHared Access Research Ecosystem” article by Tyler Walters, dean of university libraries at Virginia Tech and co-chair of the SHARE Steering Group, and Judy Ruttenberg, program director at ARL, published in the March/April 2014 EDUCAUSE Review. View this article online on the EDUCAUSE Review website.

pdf SHARE-article-Educause-apr2014.pdf


New Roles for New Times: Digital Curation for Preservation

The New Roles for New Times series identifies and delineates emerging roles and present research on early experiences among member libraries in developing the roles and delivering services. This report looks at how libraries are developing new roles and services in the arena of digital curation for preservation.

The authors consider a “promising set of new roles that libraries are currently carving out in the digital arena,” describing emerging strategies for libraries and librarians and highlighting collaborative approaches through a series of case studies of key programs and projects. They also provide helpful definitions and offer recommendations for libraries considering how best to make or expand their investments in digital curation. Issues and developments within and across the sciences and humanities are considered.

pdf nrnt_digital_curation17mar11.pdf

Hardcopy also available for purchase for $25.00 plus shipping & handling.


New Collaborative Relationships: The Role of Academic Libraries in the Digital Data Universe: Issues in Digital Data Curation Leading Us to the Need for New Partnerships

Walters identifies three issues effecting the growth and future of digital data curation: 1) Culture and policy frameworks; 2) Technology integration and data curation tools; and 3) Economic sustainability of our partnership and consortial models for the September 2006 ARL Workshop on New Collaborative Relationships: The Role of Academic Libraries in the Digital Data Universe held at the National Science Foundation.

pdf nsfworkshop2006-walters.pdf



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