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Fall Forum 2007: Research, Scholarship, and Interdisciplinarity

Proceedings of the 2007 ARL/CNI Fall Forum, "Enhancing Graduate Education: A Fresh Look at Library Engagement." Moderated by Neil Rambo and Steve Hiller, participants in this session "brainstormed" new services and resources targeted at the research, interdisciplinary, and scholarly needs of graduate students. This is a summary of the ideas generated by session participants.

pdf ff07-hiller-rambo.pdf


Fall Forum 2006: The Public Access Policy

Proceedings of the 2006 ARL/CNI Fall Forum, "Improving Access to Publicly Funded Research: Policy Issues and Strategies." Introduction to the NIH Public Access Policy.

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Fall Form 2004: The NSF CI Vision and Related Activities

Describes the National Science Foundation's activities in cyberinfrastructure for the sciences.

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