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ARL Statistics® & Salary Surveys

A series of annual surveys that describe collections, expenditures, service activities, staffing, and salaries in ARL member libraries (used to produce publications and an annual ranking known as the ARL Investment Index)

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The ARL Statistics is a series of surveys that incorporate both annual and less-frequent updates. These surveys target a variety of data-driven research goals and more information can be found on the ARL Statistics Series webpage. The two major annual surveys, which are often called simply "ARL Statistics," are described below.

ARL Statistics® Survey

ARL collects annual statistics that describe the collections, expenditures, staffing, and service activities of member libraries. The complete data series from 1908 to the present represents the oldest and most comprehensive continuing library statistical series in North America (timeline). Libraries use these data to describe their operations and demonstrate how resources are used wisely for the benefit of the communities they serve.  ARL is well known for producing an annual ranking from these statistics, known as the ARL Investment Index.

The pre-1962 data is compiled in the Gerould Statistics.  The ARL Statistics data from the post-1961 surveys is published in the ARL Statistics, the ARL Academic Health Sciences Library Statistics, and the ARL Academic Law Library Statistics series. See the Publications & Resources page for more information.

The ARL Statistics Analytics site is available to ARL member library staff to collect the data and have ready-access to them as they are submitted, even before they are finalized. ARL is also offering access to ARL Statistics Analytics as a subscription service to non-member organizations and individuals that are interested in accessing the final verified data through an interactive interface.  The subscription-based service includes only the final, verified, published data.


Highlights from the most recent ARL Statistics publication are available on the Statistical Trends page.

ARL Salary Survey

Since 1980, the ARL Annual Salary Survey has gathered data on salaries for more than 12,000 professional positions in ARL member libraries. The survey also tracks minority representation in ARL US libraries and reports separate data for health sciences and law libraries. Salary survey data are used to determine whether salaries are competitive, equitable across institutions and personal characteristics, and keeping up with inflation.  The data from this survey is published the ARL Annual Salary Survey series. See the Publications & Resources page for more information.



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