Through StatsQUAL, libraries gain access to a number of resources that are used to assess a library's effectiveness and contributions to teaching, learning, and research. StatsQUAL presents these tools in a single, powerful, interactive framework that integrates and enhances data mining and presentation both within and across institutions. StatsQUAL includes instruments such as ARL Statistics®, LibQUAL+®, DigiQUAL®, MINES for Libraries®, and ClimateQUAL®, as well as a growing dataset of survey results.

StatsQUAL operates under the leadership of the Association of Research Libraries (ARL), which has a long-standing role in the development, testing, and application of performance measures, statistics, and management tools. Using traditional benchmarks as well as new models for measurement and evaluation, StatsQUAL addresses the urgent demand for libraries to demonstrate outcomes and value.

For a detailed chronology of the statistics program please see the timeline.



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