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2019 Media Coverage of ARL

ARL had 295 online media mentions in 2019. Most of ARL’s media mentions were in reference to our member organizations, Board members, and article quotes from ARL staff. Notable media mentions, citations, and quotes often reference key issues concerning open access, publishing costs, the current roles of libraries, and the future of research libraries. ARL was covered by a number of leading publications with a wide article reach.

The most prominent ARL media mentions of 2019 include the following:

On February 4, Inside Higher Ed published an article titled, “Library Associations Pledge to Address Racism.” The article focused on the aftermath of a racist incident that occurred at the ALA Midwinter Meeting. The article included part of ARL’s statement to members addressing the incident. The article’s reach was 1.37 million views. 

On March 1, the Chronicle of Higher Education published an article titled, “A Lesson From UC’s Split with Elsevier: Keep the Faculty in the Loop.” The article included a quote from ARL’s executive director Mary Lee Kennedy addressing UC and Elsevier and concerning the overall issue of open access in publishing. The publication had a reach of 1.95 million views. 

On May 3, Publisher’s Weekly discussed and cited an ARL Policy Notes guest blog post by Jonathan Band tilted, “The Implications of the ReDigi Decision for Libraries.” The publication reach was 836,000 views. 

On May 26, The Atlantic published an article titled, “The Books of College Libraries Are Turning into Wallpaper.” The article discussed library trends concerning book check-out rates. With a reach of 20.3 million, the article linked to the ARL Statistics survey statistical trends reports. 

On May 30, Insider Higher Ed published an article titled, “Are ‘Big Deals’ Actually Good Deals?” The article focused on university libraries choosing not to renew bundled journal subscriptions. The article references ARL member library “expenditures for publications.” The article’s reach was 1.5 million views.

On June 3, Vox published an article titled, “The War to Free Science.” With a reach of 17 million readers, the article included a graph created by ARL that visualized academic journals at university libraries. The same article was republished on June 10 by Microsoft News on MSN Money with a reach of 195 million views. 

On December 9, EdSurge published an article titled, “Making Research Books More ‘Discoverable’ Online.” The article focused on the launch of OpenMonographs.org and includes quotes from ARL visiting program officer Peter Potter along with others working on the TOME project. The article had a reach of 281,000 views. 

ARL media mentions showcase a media interest for stories concerning research libraries and an opportunity to expand the narrative concerning the work and value of research libraries. We will continue media tracking, while also seeking out new opportunities for storytelling and reporter outreach.