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Action Plan Highlights

Venn diagram. "Our Focal Point" is the central overlap of: Research Libraries and Parent Organizations, Public Policy Makers, and Research and Learning Communities.In 2019 the Association set priorities to advance the strategic role of research libraries as collaborative partners and an integral part of the research and learning ecosystem. Our highly engaged membership and expert staff do so by focusing on the intersection of public policy, institutional policy, and practice, as they advance research and learning community strategic opportunities and related challenges. Our focus is on:

  • Advocating for public policies in support of the mission and shared objective
  • Catalyzing collective efforts to achieve enduring and barrier-free information
  • Creating diverse, equitable, inclusive, and accessible services, collections, and work environments
  • Providing data and analytics on research library practices, effectiveness, and impact
  • Shaping and informing leadership

Our 2019–2021 priorities are carried out by the Association committees, our expert staff, and in collaboration with strategic partners. Everything we do is possible through this combination of critical relationships. Highlights for 2019 are covered in the following pages. 

Our overall progress is reflected in the percentage of members actively engaged in the work of the Association (78%), access to our expertise (20 publications, 10 statements on national and international topics, 21 presentations, and advice to members and others), participation by 138 fellows and scholars and numerous emerging leaders in our educational programs, representation with key partners and stakeholders in public policy and research and learning, and our successful Association meetings, institutes, and forums. 

As we start off a new year and new decade we are excited about the opportunities presented by advancements in research and learning approaches: the potential for new forms of knowledge creation, sharing, and preservation; changing demographics and commensurate focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion; and the leadership role that research libraries will continue to play as a collaborative partner in a complex ecosystem. 

With many thanks to the ARL community and our partners for a successful 2019, as we look to inform and shape the next decade.

Mary Lee Kennedy
ARL Executive Director

ARL Action Plan 2019–2021 Infographic

The ARL Action Plan 2019–2021 infographic (February 22, 2019) presents a brief overview of the primary focus and goals for the Association over the next three years.