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Coaching & Mentoring Pilot

Program Goal

The pilot provides coaching or mentoring for a limited number of senior and middle managers (i.e., ARL directors, AULs, and department heads) within the ARL workforce. A desired major outcome is to improve succession planning within libraries individually and collectively within the profession by enabling the professional development of individuals to lead ARL organizations effectively. This program seeks to support the development of promising individuals at senior and middle leadership levels, which is becoming a critically important segment of the library workforce.

As a result of this pilot program, we expect to better understand the following:

  • The need for, and level of interest in, a mentoring program among ARL directors, AULs, and department heads
  • An assessment of the resources required, and the development of an efficient and effective infrastructure, to maintain an ongoing program
  • Perceptions about the program (by both mentors and mentees), including a description of the development of new knowledge, skills, or changes in approach or attitude, a description of how mentees applied what they learned, and a description of the overall impact of the experience

Pilot Program Duration and Infrastructure

The pilot project—very lightly structured so that it requires no intervention from ARL—will be tested through the end of 2019. The intention is for the pilot program (and, if successful the ongoing program) to be an informal offering. Neither mentors nor mentees will be certified in any way.

ARL directors interested in serving as a mentor or coach should contact Sue Baughman (sue@arl.org).