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Create Opportunities to Shape Research Libraries and Archives

The Association of Research Libraries (ARL) serves the member institutions, the profession, and the broader research and learning mission. ARL seeks to create a trusted, equitable, and inclusive research and learning ecosystem and prepare library leaders to advance this work in strategic partnership worldwide.

Through its collective work the Association engages leaders of research libraries and archives and institutional, national, and international research and learning decision-makers. ARL informs, shapes, and influences public policy and research library and institution policies and practices.

ARL welcomes organizations and individuals who share our vision and mission to sponsor leadership programs and events, and to donate to the Scholarship Fund. Sponsors and funders have a significant impact on individuals, institutions, and the field, and ARL will recognize your contributions in our program materials, at related events, and on our website.

For all inquiries on sponsorships or scholarships please contact Mary Lee Kennedy,
executive director.

Leadership Program Sponsorship Opportunities

2019 Leadership Symposium.
2019 Leadership Symposium

ARL learning programs are designed for emerging and established senior, and executive leaders of libraries and archives in North America to meet the challenges and opportunities presented by the significant changes underway in research, teaching, and learning. The programs are led by teams of experts in leadership and organizational development, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), and research library leadership, with additional expertise engaged to meet specific program outcomes. A distinct aspect of all of our programs is the full integration of DEI in our curricula.

Our approach is founded on cohorts of participants who truly represent the broad spectrum of perspectives from memory and information organizations during a rapidly changing time. Since 1997, ARL’s learning programs have successfully equipped and supported library and archives employees throughout the profession who have the desire and potential for leadership in a variety of institutions. Past participants in our programs are successful leaders in a wide array of settings, including as deans and directors of research libraries and archives and as leaders at senior levels in a variety of organizations. Program alums highly value the continued relationships with their cohort.

Your sponsorship will support these learning programs:

  • Leadership and Career Development Program: The ARL Leadership and Career Development Program (LCDP) is a yearlong fellowship that aims to prepare mid-career librarians from historically underrepresented racial and ethnic groups to take on leadership roles in their careers and in the profession at large.
  • Leadership Fellows: The ARL Leadership Fellows program, the flagship offering of the ARL Learning Network, develops and prepares the next generation of senior library and archival leaders.
  • Intensive Learning Program: This new six-month program strengthens senior leaders’ strategic thinking and decision-making skills to ensure effective research library leadership in a time of rapid, continuous change.

There are four levels of learning program sponsorship:

  • Platinum—$250K per year
  • Gold—$150K per year
  • Silver—$100K per year
  • Bronze—$50K per year

ARL thanks you for the investment in our profession and will recognize your annual sponsorship.

  • All sponsors will be acknowledged in printed and digital materials describing the program.
  • All sponsors will receive appreciation and tribute in all presentations on and publications about the program, including presentations to the ARL community and to the profession.
  • All sponsors will receive an annual update on ARL’s learning and leadership programs during each year of their sponsorship.
  • For sponsors at the silver level and above who pledge funding for two or more years, ARL will provide an opportunity to network with the member representatives each year during one of ARL’s events.

Event Sponsorship Opportunities

Jeremy Thompson, Jennifer Garrett, and Lisa Ruth
Jeremy Thompson, Jennifer Garrett, and Lisa Ruth at the 2020 Leadership Symposium

ARL public events bring together individuals in research libraries and archives from across North America and beyond with thought leaders and research and learning decision-makers to inform, shape, and act on timely and critical topics. Our events reach hundreds of individuals each year, most of whom are the ultimate decision-maker in their roles or the expert in their organization.

Your support provides an opportunity for emerging leaders in our programs to participate, to engage with experts, and to network with peers.  These events have a long-lasting impact within institutions, across the profession, and within the research and learning community.  

ARL welcomes event sponsorships for the annual Fall Forum, IDEAL 2024, the biannual Library Assessment Program, and for public programming. Our planned events include:

  • 2023 Fall Forum: Each year the Fall Forum invites participation in person and virtually on a critical topic. This year’s Fall Forum is focusing on supporting mental and emotional health for ourselves and for others.
  • IDEAL 2024: Advancing Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility in Libraries & Archives: This conference aims to foster awareness and appreciation of workplace equity, diversity, and inclusion issues through the exploration of exemplary practice, contemporary theory, thought leadership, and strategy development for all those in the academic and public library, archives, and museum sectors. 
  • 2024 Library Assessment Conference: Every two years the conference builds and supports the wide-reaching community of library assessment practitioners and researchers who have responsibility or interest in this broad field. The 2022 conference program is available online. 

Scholarship Fund Opportunity

The Scholarship Fund supports learning programs and related event participation by high-potential library and archives leaders and emerging leaders who qualify based on the learning program criteria and have a financial need. The Association is focused on equity—particularly in providing sponsorships for marginalized groups in Canada and the United States. ARL is uniquely positioned to shape the future of research libraries and archives through the programs it offers, given its institutional membership and its work with research and learning decision-makers. Scholarships are offered for the Leadership and Career Development Program, the Leadership Fellows program, and the Senior Leader Intensive Learning program. Your financial contribution can be small or large. As a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, your support may qualify as a charitable deduction for federal income tax purposes and has an immediate benefit to the field.

Donate to the fund