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Digital and Inclusive Excellence Fellows

Below are current and former Digital and Inclusive Excellence Fellows.

Photos by Matt Hagan Photography.

2018–2019 Digital and Inclusive Excellence Fellows

afdie-azurin-jeremiahJeremiah Azurin
Harvard University
Internship host institution: Harvard University Libraries

Jeremiah Azurin’s research examines how the delivery and design of online learning shapes scholarship, and the empowering potential the internet has to make continuing education programs more inclusive for non-traditional and distance students. His research interests stem from his experience studying remotely while traveling, most recently to the Middle East, Europe, Australia, and Latin America, as well as backpacking and cycling throughout Asia for three years before college. Broadly, however, Jeremiah is interested in information policy, user experience, and social computing. He is formerly a Gilman Scholar, Kaya Collaborative Fellow, Inclusion Institute of Information Science (i3) Scholar, and Center for Khmer Studies grant recipient. Originally from Washington, DC, Jeremiah currently serves as a Foreign Affairs Information Technology Fellow and will join the State Department after graduation.

afdie-baker-turquoiseTurquoise Baker
Johns Hopkins University
Internship host institution: Johns Hopkins Libraries

Turquoise Baker is a junior at Johns Hopkins University, pursuing a double major in political science and international studies, with a minor in economics. She serves as marketing director of Foreign Affairs Symposium (FAS), a student-run organization dedicated to providing the Hopkins and Baltimore communities with access to distinguished, knowledgeable speakers. While Turquoise enjoys studying all subjects, her passion and focus is on East African and African American studies. By exploring and digitizing important historical documents, Turquoise hopes to make it easier for all individuals, particularly those in underserved communities, to access, learn from, and embrace their own histories.


Tiffany Dinwiddie
Wayne State University
Internship host institution: Wayne State Libraries

Tiffany Dinwiddie is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in sociology at Wayne State University (WSU). She is from Detroit, Michigan, and a graduate of Wayne County Community College with an associate of science degree. Over the last three years, Tiffany has been a student assistant for the WSU Library System. She has assisted in many areas of the academic library user experience services, including circulation, reference and technology-related customer support, collection maintenance, and room scheduling. These experiences have contributed to her passion for working in the library information system.

afdie-duque-mariluMarilu Duque
New York University
Internship host institution: New York University Libraries

Marilu Duque is a senior at New York University (NYU) Tandon School of Engineering as a Gates Millennium Scholar, majoring in integrated digital media, with minors in public policy, business of entertainment media technologies, and science technology studies. Marilu has worked as a research intern at NYU’s Music Experience Design Lab (MusedLab) developing creative learning solutions that help kids understand the bridge between the arts and STEM. This summer, Marilu worked as an engineering research intern at the US Marine Corps Warfighting Labs’s Naval Research Enterprise Internship Program (NREIP), studying war tactics, social policies, and evolving government technology. Through these experiences, she has cultivated a passion for public sector work, research, data management, cybersecurity, and information sciences. Her goals revolve around bridging academia, government, and social issues in hopes of better understanding how technology policy can help overcome barriers that arise for low-income and minority communities.

afdie-garza-liviaLivia Garza
University of Houston
Internship host institution: University of Houston Libraries

Livia Garza is a senior at the University of Houston (UH) pursuing a BA in liberal studies with concentrations in economics, history, and women’s studies. Her undergraduate career has been supplemented with a variety of formative experiences, including interning at the Smithsonian Institution Archives, participating in UH’s Mellon Research Scholars Program, conducting oral history interviews with the Houston History Magazine, and working as an archival aide for UH’s Hispanic archival collections. Livia aspires to become an archivist with specializations in digital asset management and preservation.

afdie-ji-jonathanJonathan Ji
New York University
Internship host institution: New York University Libraries

Jonathan Ji is an undergraduate at New York University’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study. His current research investigates intersections between queer theory and Christian theology to explore the ways diverse identities fit within Christianity. He looks at Christian theology, churches, and practices through queer critiques. Jonathan became interested in archives after interning for Visual AIDS, an art nonprofit that started as a response to the AIDS crisis in the ’80s.

afdie-jones-stephanieStephanie Jones
Virginia Commonwealth University
Internship host institution: Virginia Commonwealth University Libraries

Stephanie Jones is an undergraduate student at Virginia Commonwealth University, pursuing a BA in political science with minors in nonprofit administration & management and African American studies. Her passion for history and civil advocacy began early as she acquired more than 200 volunteer hours at the Maggie L. Walker National Historic Site and through various community groups that focus on fostering unity and communal power. Through this experience, she began to understand the importance of maintaining personal ownership of one’s own story.  Since then, she has presented independent research surrounding questions of self-ownership in historical spaces, labor law, and identity at her university’s 2017 annual student research conference and the 46th Annual Conference of the Association for Ethnic Studies. By uncovering the hidden histories of the marginalized, she has grown to understand her own place as a black queer woman in academia.

afdie-rivas-yvonneYvonne Rivas
New York University
Internship host institution: New York University Libraries

Yvonne Rivas is an undergraduate at New York University’s (NYU) College of Arts & Science. Her previous positions with the Montgomery County Public Library system have sprouted a deep interest in library and information science. Yvonne has worked part-time at the NYU Elmer Holmes Bobst Library since her first semester. As a daughter of Nicaraguan parents, she is passionate about working with diverse and underserved communities. She looks forward to exploring possibilities within the contemporary research library and archive.

afdie-roig-blay-karlaKarla M. Roig Blay
The University of Texas at Austin
Internship host institution: The University of Texas at Austin Libraries

Karla M. Roig Blay is an undergraduate student at The University of Texas at Austin completing her bachelor of arts in English. In addition, she is pursuing a certificate in museum studies through an interdisciplinary approach as part of the Bridging Disciplines Program. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, she is bilingual in English and Spanish, and has dedicated time to translate documents as a freelancer online. Currently, she volunteers with the Digital Scholarship Lab at the LLILAS Benson Latin American Studies and Collections, where she works with a variety of projects focused on digitizing and preserving documents. Her academic ambitions are to pursue an MA in library sciences, as well as a PhD in art history, with her goal being to broaden the community outreach of museums and library spaces by increasing access to information and resources.

afdie-schaffer-branBran Schaffer
Simon Fraser University
Internship host institution: Simon Fraser University Library

Bran Schaffer is a linguistics student in their final year of undergraduate studies at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, British Columbia. Their primary interests in linguistics lie in syntax, pragmatics, and first- and second-language acquisition. Bran also has great interest in archival work, specifically digital preservation of written, audio, and visual work by queer artists of color, and doing so in ways that respect their stories, and connections to each artist’s environment. Bran intends to incorporate their linguistic studies in a library and information science graduate school program in 2019.

afdie-srader-kaitlinKaitlin Srader
Washington State University
Internship host institution: Washington State University Libraries

Kaitlin Srader attends Washington State University for her undergraduate degree in sociology with a minor in women’s studies.  Kaitlin is a very active member throughout campus and her community.  She is the chapter president of the Washington State University Expansion Chapter of Alpha Pi Omega Sorority. She is also a senator for the Native American Women’s Association. Kaitlin enjoys spending her time empowering others, whether that be within her sorority and with peers on campus or being a Native Youth Leadership camp counselor.  Kaitlin has a passion and desire to help others become more aware of issues and events that affect people of all backgrounds. She hopes to become a resource for those in need and to put the privilege of education in action through social work.

2017–2018 Digital and Inclusive Excellence Fellows

  • Katiana Bagué, University of Florida
    Internship host institution: University of Florida Libraries
  • Jazmine Ike-Lopez, Washington State University
    Internship host institution: Washington State University Libraries
  • Timmia King, Howard University
    Internship host institution: Howard University Libraries
  • Leah Lavigne, New York University
    Internship host institution: New York University Libraries
  • Stephanie Lopez, New York University
    Internship host institution: New York University Libraries
  • Jade Matias Bell, University of Southern California
    Internship host institution: University of Southern California Libraries
  • Amy Padilla, University of New Mexico
    Internship host institution: University of New Mexico Libraries
  • Y Vy Truong, University of British Columbia
    Internship host institution: University of British Columbia Library
  • Anderson Tsai Wang, New York University
    Internship host institution: New York University Libraries
  • Amanda Wong, The University of Chicago
    Internship host institution: University of Chicago Library
  • Marcelo Gabriel Yáñez, New York University
    Internship host institution: New York University Libraries