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ARL/SAA Mosaic Program Fellows

Below are current and former ARL/SAA Mosaic Fellows:

2019–2021 ARL/SAA Mosaic Program Fellows

Sadaf Ahmadbeigi HeadshotSadaf Ahmadbeigi
University of British Columbia
Internship host: University of British Columbia Library

Sadaf Ahmadbeigi is a first generation Iranian-American, a non-binary queer person of color. Sadaf has always been interested in scholarship about the Middle East, especially the intersectionality of race, and sexuality. While in Iran, they had access to an abundance of primary sources, but were not allowed to work on it due to government censorship. Once in the US, they were encouraged to research but faced a poor representation of marginalized societies in academic work, libraries, and archives and witnessed a clear disconnect with these communities and a lack of community-driven, organized knowledge repositories. Sadaf’s goal in pursuing a dual master’s in library and archival studies at UBC is to not only increase access to inclusive repositories and special collections, but to fill some of the gaps in existing repositories by creating community archives, starting with creating an archive for their own community, queer Iranians, to make visible their often-overlooked vibrant existence.

Nic Caldwell HeadshotNicholas Caldwell
Long Island University
Internship host: New York University

Nicholas Caldwell is a student at Long Island University, pursuing a master’s in library and information science. Caldwell earned his BA in English literature and a minor in information science from Cornell University. Both his experience in community organizing and in the library profession have played a large part in his desire to study library science.  His research interests are cultural and local histories, particularly in African American and LGBT communities. He is interested in how marginalized histories are preserved and how archives can be made accessible to marginalized communities. His approach to archival librarianship is to challenge the boundaries of who has access to knowledge, who creates history, and whose stories get to be told.

Irmarie Fraticelli Rodriguez HeadshotIrmarie Fraticelli-Rodríguez
University of Michigan
Internship host: University of Michigan Library

Irmarie Fraticelli-Rodríguez is a graduate student pursuing an MSI at the University of Michigan School of Information. She earned a BA in Spanish studies and history of the Americas, driven by her love of literature, and is currently working on her thesis dissertation for an MA in cultural agency, both from the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras. There, Irmarie worked at the Puerto Rican Collection, and developed an interest for archival studies, digital humanities, and information retrieval. As an intern archivist for various public institutions, including the Puerto Rico General Archive and the Smithsonian Latino Center, she worked with Latinx collections and recognized the need to utilize and generate multilingual metadata structures as a way to enrich database descriptions. Her research focuses on digital archives and data analysis. As a future archivist, Irmarie aspires to help under- and misrepresented communities gain access to their heritage.

Tamara Rayan HeadshotTamara Rayan
University of Toronto
Internship host: York University Libraries

Tamara Rayan is a first-generation Palestinian-Canadian in archives and records management in the MI program at the University of Toronto. This is not her first master’s program, as previously she completed an MA in ethnomusicology inspired by her desire to reconnect with, and study, her own vibrant Palestinian community after growing up separated from them in Northern Ontario. She strove to understand how music practices and traditions help define Palestinians as a culture while in diaspora; however, she became more interested in how minority and marginalized groups document and preserve their archival and cultural heritage in the face of social pressure, assimilation, and political oppression. This led to archival work, where she intends to problematize the accountability of contemporary colonial state archives that use archival practices to reinforce and reaffirm the specific power structures that normalize the marginalization and subjugation of those being colonized.

Kelli Yakabu HeadshotKelli Yakabu
University of Washington
Internship host: University of Washington Libraries

Kelli Yakabu is pursuing a master’s degree in library and information science at the University of Washington (UW), located on the ancestral lands of the Coast Salish peoples. Kelli also earned her BA at UW with a double major in American ethnic studies and English and a minor in French. As a fifth-generation Japanese and Okinawan American, she is interested in the role archival digital collections play in identity (re)construction for diasporic and displaced communities and individuals. Her work as the Pacific Northwest (PNW) Collection accessioning assistant at UW Special Collections helped her become passionate about archival instruction and outreach after assisting the PNW curator with class visits.

2018–2020 ARL/SAA Mosaic Program Fellows

mosaic-meneses-carolinaCarolina Meneses
University of California, Los Angeles
Internship host: University of California, Los Angeles Library

Carolina Meneses is specializing in archival studies at the MLIS program at UCLA. A second generation Cuban-American from Miami, she studied comparative literature at Smith College where she focused on the intersection of memory, dance, language, and narrative leading to an internship with a dance company based in New York City. The experience was revealing to her as she grappled with the seemingly contradictory nature of capturing and archiving the essence of a performance. As such, Carolina is interested in creating solutions to the challenges surrounding dance and performance art archives so that they may successfully enter a national and international network of cultural exchange and distribution of cultural heritage documents. Even more so, Carolina hopes to look at these solutions and apply them to other problematic archives that have been backlogged or sidelined due to their perceived complexities, and through it resurface marginal, unpopular, and hidden collections.

mosaic-shida-tomokoTomoko Shida
University of Toronto
Internship host: University of Toronto Libraries

Tomoko Shida is pursuing a master of information degree at the University of Toronto, with a concentration in archives and records management. She completed a BA in history and religious studies at McGill University (Montreal) and an MA in global studies at Sophia University (Tokyo). After returning to Canada for her teaching certification, Tomoko taught world history for several years to multicultural/multilingual students in Tokyo. Initially drawn to the archival profession through her impractical love of ancient history, she is now preoccupied with the practical and modern challenge archivists face with the proliferation of information produced digitally and published on non-traditional platforms. During her studies, she is especially interested in exploring government policies and global standards that regulate the management of institutional records, and in the future, hopes to be involved in work that promotes transparent disclosure of and greater public access to government information.


Jasmine Sykes-Kunk
Clarion University
Internship host: New York University Libraries

Jasmine Sykes-Kunk is a graduate student who is pursuing a master’s degree in library science (MSLS) with a concentration in local and archival studies at Clarion University. She earned a BA in communication with minors in Africana studies and fine art photography at the University of Pennsylvania. As an avid knitter and granddaughter of a quilter, Jasmine is passionate about finding the history hidden within handwork and crafts. She is interested in creating innovative opportunities for people to engage and utilize historical collections. Upon graduation, Jasmine hopes to find a position that will allow her to centralize and amplify the marginalized voices that have been historically eliminated from the archives. By pursuing a career in the archives, Jasmine is working to ensure that her children will see the cultural contributions of their community in their classroom lessons and historical institutions.

2017–2019 ARL/SAA Mosaic Program Fellows

  • Nadia Clifton, University of North Carolina (UNC) at Chapel Hill
    Internship host institution: UNC at Chapel Hill Libraries/Wilson Special Collections Library
  • Sandra Delaney, Simmons College
    Internship host institution: The George Washington University Libraries and Academic Innovation
  • Julie Park, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
    Internship host institution: UCLA Library Special Collections
  • Ashlynn Prasad, University of British Columbia (UBC)
    Internship host institution: UBC Rare Books and Special Collections and the University Archives

2016–2018 ARL/SAA Mosaic Program Fellows

  • Itza Carbajal, University of Texas at Austin
    Internship host institution: LLILAS Benson Latin American Studies and Collections, University of Texas Libraries
  • Evelyn Cox, University of Oklahoma
    Internship host institution: Oklahoma Historical Society
  • Erin Glasco, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    Internship host institution: Roosevelt University Archives

2016–2017 Mosaic Program Fellows

  • Jane’a Johnson, San Jose State University
    Internship host institution: John Hay Library and Special Collections, Brown University
  • Michelle Peralta, San Jose State University
    Internship host institution: Special Collections and Archives, University of California, San Diego
  • Ayoola White, Simmons College
    Internship host institution: Boston College

2015–2017 Mosaic Program Fellows

  • Mohamed Haian Abdirahman, University of Texas at Austin
    Internship host institution: Human Rights Documentation Initiative, University of Texas at Austin
  • Maria Fernandez, University of Texas at Austin
    Internship host institution: Nettie Lee Benson Latin American Collection, University of Texas at Austin
  • JoyEllen Freeman, Clayton State University
    Internship host institution: Robert W. Woodruff Library, Atlanta University Center
  • Joyce Gabiola, Simmons College
    Internship host institution: Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center, Boston University
  • Hannivett Nabahe, University of Arizona
    Internship host institution: University of Arizona Libraries Special Collections
  • Crystal D. Paull, University of Texas at Austin
    Internship host institution: Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library, National Archives and Records Administration

2014–2016 Mosaic Program Fellows

  • Micha Broadnax, Simmons College
    Internship Host Institution: Schlesinger Library, Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Harvard University
  • Joanna Chen Cham, University of California, Los Angeles
    Internship Host Institution: University of Southern California Libraries
  • Adriana Flores, Simmons College
    Internship Host Institution: Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center, Boston University
  • Harvey Long, University of Wisconsin–Madison
    Internship Host Institution: Wisconsin Historical Society and the University of Wisconsin–Madison Libraries
  • Sara Powell, Simmons College
    Internship Host Institution: Institute Archives and Special Collections, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Libraries

2013–2015 Mosaic Program Fellows

  • Lauren Gaylord, University of Texas at Austin
    Internship Host: University of Texas at Austin, Benson Latin American Collection
  • Yvonne Ivey, University of North Texas
    Internship Host: George W. Bush Presidential Library
  • Daniel Johnson, University of North Texas
    Internship Host: University of Houston, Special Collections
  • Karen Karyadi, University of California, Los Angeles
    Internship Host: Getty Research Institute
  • Annie Tang, University of California, Los Angeles
    Internship Host: University of California, Los Angeles, Special Collections