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Application Requirements for the Fellowship for Digital and Inclusive Excellence

The application cycle for the ARL Fellowship for Digital and Inclusive Excellence 2019–2020 cohort is now closed. Thank you for your interest.

To apply for the Fellowship for Digital and Inclusive Excellence, please follow these steps:

1. Complete the Fellowship for Digital and Inclusive Excellence application form online.

  1. With your online application, submit a résumé (see guidelines).
  2. With your application, submit an essay of a maximum of 500 words on your interest in the fellowship and the knowledge, skills, interest, or abilities you would bring to the library or archives environment.
  3. Upload your unofficial undergraduate school transcripts, including your last academic semester completed. Electronic submissions are admissible for consideration, but hard-copy originals must be on file before an applicant can be accepted into the program.

2. Select two references who can assess and speak to your character and abilities. One letter of recommendation should be from a current or former work/volunteer supervisor (professional reference), while the other should be from a college/university faculty member or instructor (academic reference). To the degree possible, the following points should be addressed:

  1. Applicant’s abilities in oral and written communication
  2. Applicant’s achievements
  3. Applicant’s interpersonal skills (e.g., ability to work as part of a team)
  4. Applicant’s initiative

Letters of recommendation should be written on professional letterhead, signed, scanned, and e-mailed directly from the reference to Mira Swearer at mira@arl.org.

Electronic copies are preferred, but hard copies of recommendation letters may be sent to ARL at the following address:

Mira Swearer, Program Coordinator for Grants Administration
Association of Research Libraries
21 Dupont Circle NW, Suite 800
Washington, DC 20036