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LCDP Institute Host Sites

While ARL has every expectation that the 2022–2023 institutes will be in-person events, the program will be prepared with a hybrid or virtual model in case circumstances do not permit an institute to be held in person.

Since 1997, the ARL Leadership and Career Development Program (LCDP) has prepared mid-career librarians from historically underrepresented racial and ethnic groups to take on leadership roles in their careers and in the profession at large. The LCDP fellows attend two four-day institutes hosted by ARL member institutions focused on current issues affecting research institutions and their libraries and archives. In coordination with the program director and LCDP Task Force, host institutions will prepare and implement up to two days of content that collectively achieves the goals outlined below in alignment with the program outcomes. Each goal is expected to be met by at least one of the institutes for the program year.


  • Provide opportunities for fellows to connect and build relationships as a cohort
  • Provide formal and informal opportunities to:
    • Engage with members of the host institution community
      • Senior institutional leadership (e.g., president, provost, etc.)
      • Library and affiliated organizational leadership
      • Additional library stakeholders (e.g., affiliated researchers, faculty, staff, fellows, visiting scholars, students, & library users)
    • Engage with leaders across the profession representing different and diverse institutions and organizations
      • Thought leaders in the field 
      • Functional heads across foundational competency areas
  • Provide facility and building site tours
  • Provide opportunities to observe and experience aspects of the host institution’s research and teaching environments
  • Strengthen cohort mastery of competency areas through the presentation and discussion of applied strategy and planning
  • Engage fellows in processes to analyze how program content (e.g., leadership competencies) manifests in:
    • Organizational structures, policies, procedures, and practices
    • Decisions and behaviors of senior leaders from multiple institutions 
  • Expose fellows to diverse leadership styles, approaches, and results

Institute Roles & Responsibilities

Host Site

Hosting an institute provides the institution’s staff an unparalleled opportunity to engage with an extraordinarily talented and diverse group of emerging library leaders. The host site member representative will ensure that the institute supports the curriculum and learning experience of the fellows. Working with the program director, the host site will:

  • Commit staff time, senior leadership expertise, physical space, and operational resources as needed to the planning and implementation of the institute
  • Ensure that all activities and engagements at the host institution adhere to ARL’s COVID-19 policy on on in-person programs and events (login required) as appropriate and ARL’s Code of Conduct
  • Align the institute program with the program outcomes as well as needs of the fellows
  • Identify institute goals that can be successfully achieved based on the institutional strengths, resources, experiences, and context as well as senior leadership’s expertise
  • Provide logistical support (e.g., F&B, AV, meeting space)
  • Develop programming for up to two days of the institute to achieve the institute goals that can include but is not limited to
    • Welcome from the library director and other institutional leadership
    • Content-specific sessions (e.g., strategic directions; organizational change; diversity, equity, and inclusion; research support; consortial relationships)
    • Workshops with campus & community experts & resources
    • Facility tours
  • Host an evening dinner and reception (on or off campus) for LCDP fellows, library senior administrators, librarians, and identified guests (paid for by host site)
  • Support the coordination of an off-campus dinner (paid for by ARL)
  • Coordinate lodging for fellows
  • Participate in a post-institute assessment and evaluation process to inform future LCDP institutes


In coordination with the LCDP Task Force, ARL will:

  • Develop programming for two to three days of the institute based on program outcomes and fellows needs. (Programming will be delivered by the program director and/or external consultants.)
  • Provide approximately $5,000 USD in support of F&B to the institute host
  • Develop institute materials (agendas, nametags, etc.)
  • Conduct the institute assessment and report back on on findings and recommendations

LCDP Institute Host Site Selection


ARL member representatives interested in having their institution serve as a host site for the 2022–2023 cohort are invited to submit a letter of interest that outlines how their institution can provide an enriching experience for engagement and learning to further the leadership development experience of the cohort in pursuit of the previously listed institute goals. Specially, the letter of interest is expected to cover the following points:

  • How the library or archive leadership, strategic strength(s), and challenges and failures would reinforce the learning of the fellows and add value to the curriculum and the overall program experience
  • The library or archive’s policies and practices to address diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), including specific goals and programs that target cultural and systemic racism and inequity within the library or archive, as well as challenges, different perspectives, and internal disagreements on DEI goals and efforts
  • The ways in which a parent institution’s overall culture and environment informs and guides leadership and shapes a library’s or archive’s goals, ambitions, and interactions with the institution
  • The parent institution’s approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion, including goals and specific outcomes related to the reduction of structural inequity within the institution as well as challenges, different perspectives, or internal disagreements within the institution regarding DEI
  • How the organization and parent institution uphold standards and promote accountability through their code of conduct or similar policies and procedures in programs, services, and operations 
  • How the member representative’s experience and expertise positions them to contribute, in unique ways, to the delivery of an institute
  • A projected budget for the host site experience. (Financial contributions from the institution beyond funding provided by ARL may be included to fulfill a host institution’s plans for the cohort visit, but are not essential to a successful host site application.)


The ARL Leadership and Career Development Program Task Force, reporting to the ARL Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee, will review host site applications and select host site institutions for the 2022–2023 program year. Final selection of host sites will consider these criteria:

  • Institutional diversity
    • Geography & region
    • Institution type (public university, private university, governmental institution, public library)
    • Institution size
  • Balance of institutional characteristics in terms of strengths and notable programs related to the program curriculum
  • Thoroughness and candor with which a candidate host institution articulates its engagement with DEI, including successes and challenges

Selection of LCDP Institute host sites will comply with Policy C.2: Site Selection for In-Person Association Meetings, Programs, and Events (login required). 

LCDP Fellows from Host Sites

Participation by a LCDP fellow from a host site may particularly benefit both the fellow and the institution during a host site institution experience. For that reason, host sites may wish to encourage applications from their institution for the program. The applicant will be vetted through the Leadership and Career Development Program selection process along with other applicants.

To apply to serve as a host site, please complete this application form by December 1, 2021.

Questions, comments, or concerns? Please feel free to contact DeLa Dos, dos@arl.org.