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Research Librarian and Information Resource/Media Specialist

Research Librarian and Information Resource/Media Specialist

The Nueva School Job Location: California Apply By: 08/05/2019 Date Created: 06-07-2019

This is a unique opportunity for a visionary librarian and educator to help develop an innovative 9-12 school research and information resource program. You will lead research instruction and information resource administration, covering emerging, online, digital, and traditional media.  You will provide direct research instruction to students and work with faculty to incorporate research skills, diverse information resources, intelligent use of technology, and critical thinking skills across interdisciplinary, project-based learning experiences.  You will create, curate, and administrate the school library and access to college-level information resources—you will have a strong hand in shaping a still-evolving collection.  The research instruction and information resources program will leverage the school's progressive use of computers and technology.

Our successful candidate will be an experienced, proactive, and inspiring researcher, instructor, information resource administrator, and a collaborator.  They will also have strong technology and traditional, digital, and online media experience and skills.  The ability to differentiate and help guide students and colleagues of varying experience and expertise is very important.  The successful candidate must have a positive, roll-up-the-sleeves approach toward the work and have a passion for working with students and colleagues. Nueva has a tight-knit community, and a warm, expert “deskside manner” is key to being successful in this position.

The Nueva School promises a stimulating and fast-changing environment, with many professional-development opportunities. You'll hear wide-ranging suggestions from students or other faculty for interdisciplinary research, learning, or teaching opportunities; you'll also find highly skilled or knowledgeable parents willing to help teach workshops or administer resources and programs.

General Responsibilities:
  • Teaching your course of study with the highest standards for each student
  • Conveying true enthusiasm for research skills, reading, community-building, and intellectual inquiry
  • Designing instruction that emphasizes research, critical thinking, and problem-solving
  • Collaborating with colleagues to enrich curriculum and instruction
  • Integrating appropriate technology to enhance learning
  • Collaborating effectively with students, teachers, and parents
  • Modeling flexibility in implementing best learning practices
  • Leading by example in your commitment to Nueva’s mission
  • Actively participating in other aspects of the student experience and school functioning: advising, chaperoning trips and events, serving on committees, and developing new programs at the school
Specific Responsibilities - Research Librarian:
  • Develop and deliver research instruction (such as workshops)
  • Continue developing the school’s library collection—including cataloguing and maintenance
  • Develop and administer information resources (e.g. LibGuides, WRC website) to support comprehensive research instruction program to support student and faculty needs and the curricular goals of Nueva
  • Work collaboratively with the Head of School, Division Head, Director of the Writing & Research Center, and faculty to develop instructional programs for students and faculty to conduct research including use of multiple technologies and information resources
Specific Responsibilities - Information and Media Specialist:
  • Evaluate current library resources and build new information resources (e.g. Accessible Media Project) to support the schools' curricula, establishing a resource development plan to support the school's evolving needs
  • Maintain and assess licensing of information resources, such as database subscriptions
  • Support textbook acquisition for faculty; support faculty in their use of copyrighted materials and acquiring appropriate permissions
  • Collaborate on rotating, community-building displays and events within the Writing & Research Center to highlight elements of the collection, cultural events, and more
  • Review existing library and information practices, analyze needs, and establish policies and best practices, taking into consideration the overall needs of a PK-12 school, as well as the particular need of a high school
  • Track and report on the community’s use of library resources

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