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Research and Instruction Librarian

Research and Instruction Librarian

UCLA Library Job Location: California Apply By: 07/24/2019 Date Created: 07-02-2019

Department: User Engagement – Arts, Music, and Powell Division Rank and Salary: Assistant Librarian - Librarian ($55,014 - $86,534) Position Availability: Immediately Application deadline for first consideration: July 24, 2019 [Three positions available.] The Research and Instruction Librarian will be joining a department that is using a matrix structure to better meet dynamic and evolving campus teaching and research needs. Although physically located in the Powell Library, the incumbent will be part of a team working to support users at multiple Library locations and will have the opportunity to help shape that engagement. The incumbent will serve on one of the multi-unit functional teams in the User Engagement division to provide collaborative leadership for that area, while also supporting work across public services functions. Current functional teams are Collections, Outreach, Research, and Teaching and Learning. The incumbent will play a key role in building this collaborative program at the Library and furthering substantive engagements with the campus. The ideal candidate for this multi-faceted role will be team-oriented, with the ability to both lead and support colleagues, student-centered, and committed to shaping the future of the library profession. Position Duties Reporting to the Director of Arts, Music, and Powell Libraries, the Research and Instruction Librarian provides instruction and research assistance for scholars at all levels and in multiple disciplines. Working with campus partners and library colleagues, the incumbent designs, implements and assesses library instructional services and outreach activities. These duties are core to all three positions. Each incumbent will also have focus areas that are distinct.
  1. Cluster Coordinator: The librarian provides collaborative leadership in the administration of the Library’s Cluster Program, serving as a key liaison to Undergraduate Education Initiatives. This includes working with the student supervisor to hire, train, and oversee the Inquiry Specialists supporting the program, as well as coordinating the team of librarian liaisons.
  2. Data Literacy and Digital Scholarship: The librarian will contribute to building a sustainable, scalable program of data literacy and other digital scholarship services and support, in collaboration with colleagues across the Library. This may include online and in-person pedagogical approaches and integration with existing service models.
  3. Online Learning and Scalable Teaching: The librarian will contribute to expanding the Library’s ability to teach and support students and other learners at scale, in collaboration with a range of colleagues and teams across the campus. This includes developing online modules, collaboration with Library research services, and other pedagogical approaches.
Specific duties and responsibilities include:
  • Provides instruction for undergraduate and graduate classes in multiple disciplines, primarily in the humanities and social sciences;
  • Works collaboratively to develop new approaches, services, systems, and strategies to actively engage with scholars during all phases of the research process: from research design, through discovery, analysis, and publication;
  • Both collaboratively and independently designs, implements, and assesses library instructional services, including face-to-face, hybrid, and online learning opportunities, instruction sessions and workshops, and other approaches to developing student research skills;
  • Serves as a liaison to one or more Clusters;
  • Provides research assistance in-person and online to a diverse patron community;
  • Develops and maintains relationships with campus partners in collaboration with library colleagues;
  • Maintains awareness of changes and trends within relevant disciplines and campus programs, including undergraduate research and first year experience;
  • Participates in outreach events and activities;
  • Builds and maintains collections to support student learning and research;
  • Works closely with Library Development to identify and steward donors, collections, and endowed gift funds;
  • Contributes to one of the User Engagement Functional Teams.
Description of Unit User Engagement (UE) brings together public services librarians and staff across three major divisions (Sciences; Arts, Music, and Powell; and Management/Humanities and Social Sciences) and four functional teams (Collections, Outreach, Research, and Teaching and Learning). The UE group is a matrixed organization designed to enhance library services through a cross-disciplinary and cross-functional approach. The Arts, Music, and Powell division unites librarians and staff from three library locations. The unit supports research and teaching in a wide variety of subjects and at all levels, including specialized collections and services for art, architecture, theater, film and television, music, musicology, and ethnomusicology. Powell Library collaborates with campus partners focusing on undergraduate education initiatives, which build foundational research and writing skills in student scholars. The team consists of 11 FTE librarians and 3 FTE library assistants.

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