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Bibliographic Assistant VI

Bibliographic Assistant VI

Columbia University Libraries Job Location: New York Date Created: 10-07-2019

Position Summary C.V. Starr East Asian Library seeks a Bibliographic Assistant to assist with Acquisitions, Cataloging, and Binding Preparation. Responsibilities Acquisitions • Order Japanese language materials in all formats, including books, serials, DVDs, and other print or non-print materials. Perform pre-order searching in CLIO, OCLC and other databases. Create orders in Voyager, including creating provisional records, placing purchase orders, and sending orders to vendors. Maintain standing order records. • Receive materials ordered, donated and exchanged. Tasks include opening packages, checking materials received against invoices, receiving/processing materials in Voyager, stamping/tattle taping, consulting with supervisor on problematic receipts, creating provisional records for gift and exchange materials, and updating records. Send claims to vendor for materials not received. Maintain monthly production statistics for new acquisitions processing. • Process invoices, including paying each invoice online, submitting invoices to supervisor for approval, matching invoices with payment voucher and preparing them for the Business Office. • Maintain databases on purchased and gift & exchange current Japanese language serials. Communicate with vendors and exchange partners in English or Japanese. Send gift acknowledgments as needed. • Assist in training and supervising student assistants to perform physical processing of library materials and check-in serials, etc. Serials Processing • Check-in serials in Voyager and update holdings records as needed. Perform stamping/tattle taping, writing call numbers on each issue received, shelving current issues on the display shelf, and retrieving old issues for binding or offsite processing. Generate and send claims for materials not received. Cataloging • Provides copy cataloging support: (See Appendix II) search Worldcat for catalog level records and imports to local ILS system (Voyager). Review record quality and enhance as needed. This includes all phases of bibliographic editing for monographic materials received, formulating online searches, evaluating alternative courses of action, requiring knowledge of Voyager, OCLC Connexion, multiple online bibliographic tools and the application of the MARC monographs and authority formats. This may require updating records using Faceted Application of Subject Terminology (FAST) and applying Library of Congress Classification. Binding Preparation • Prepare materials for binding and preservation. Tasks include gathering materials to be bound or repaired, measuring materials for rehousing, preparing paperwork by using appropriate software, boxing materials to be bound and sending them to the appropriate departments or bindery. Receive and check-in returned bound materials. • Performing other duties as duties as assigned. Minimum Qualifications -High School Diploma or equivalent. -Languages: Advanced working knowledge of Japanese language and culture required. -Good verbal and written communication skills in English. -Good computer skills and familiarity with Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. -Strong attention to detail and flexibility with job assignments. Preferred Qualifications -Bachelor’s degree preferred. -Familiarity with the Hepburn Romanization System desirable. -Previous library experience in acquisitions and/or cataloging preferred. -Experience with OCLC Connexion preferred.

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