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User Experience and Web Services Librarian

User Experience and Web Services Librarian

University of Massachusetts Amherst Job Location: Massachusetts Apply By: November 1, 2019 Date Created: 10-09-2019

                                               UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS                                                                CAMPUS: Amherst                                                               JOB DESCRIPTION OFFICIAL TITLE:  This is the official title of the position. Librarian I-II FUNCTIONAL TITLE:  This is the in-house title by which the position may be known.  A functional title is usually a more descriptive title than the official title and may be required to identify very specific kinds of work.  This title may be used in signing all correspondence. User Experience and Web Services Librarian GENERAL STATEMENT OF DUTIES:  Please provide a brief overview of the general functions of this position.  Specific details of duties should be reserved for the Examples of Duties section.) Under the direction of the Associate Dean for Library Technology, this position is instrumental in developing, implementing and assessing user interfaces in support of all departments in the library.  It functions as part of a collaborative, user oriented team that supports library information systems and infrastructure.  It also contributes to the overall Library Technology Services support effort. SUPERVISION RECEIVED:  Please indicate the title, but not the name, of the administrative employee or employees responsible for supervision or direction of work; describe the divergent extents of authority of each, indicating the degree, priorities, and relationships of the supervision or direction, which could range from close supervision to supervision with considerable freedom. Reports to and performs tasks identified by the Associate Dean for Library Technology. Functions in a team environment, with a high degree of independence within the scope of duties, goals and policies as defined by the department. SUPERVISION EXERCISED:  Using descriptive non-numerical terms, identify the scope of supervision, training or direction exercised (i.e., whether the supervision is over a few employees, a small number of employees, a large number of employees, etc.); also, describe the degree of supervision, indicating whether close supervision or general direction is involved, and categorize the physical conditions under which the supervision is given, such as in a laboratory or an office.  Supervision of student employees should not be included in this section, but may be listed under Examples of Duties, if applicable. None EXAMPLES OF DUTIES:  Please list and briefly describe several of the duties and responsibilities typically performed and assumed in this position.  This list should not be restrictive but should be descriptive in such a manner as to provide concrete information representing examples of the actual work as well as the level of responsibility for the work being performed.
  1. Take a lead role in collaborations with stakeholders in the iterative design and testing of the Library’s web presence and online services.
  2. Collaborates with librarians, technology staff, and others to coordinate the information architecture of the Library’s web site, including development of a coherent user experience for web-based library resources and services.
  1. Coordinates assessment of the libraries web sites and other digital systems, including testing interfaces for usability and effectiveness through a variety of mechanisms such as user testing, surveys, log analysis, and focus groups.
  1. Provides technical support and is in charge of training the large body of staff users who have authorial roles in producing web content.
  2. Collaborate with Library staff and other stakeholders to design and manage websites; work in cross-functional teams across Library units.
  3. Participates in Library Technology Services support programs.
  1. Oversee the accurate and timely availability of documentation for all procedures and processes.
  1. Maintain current knowledge of trends and best practices as they impact academic libraries.
  1. Develops and maintains appropriate reports, documentation and records.
  1. Work creatively, collaboratively, and effectively to promote teamwork, diversity, equality and inclusiveness within the UMass Amherst Libraries and the campus.
  1. Demonstrates capacity, skill and willingness to engage students and contribute to student success.
  1. May be asked to represent the Libraries at Five College Committees, Boston Library Consortium Committees, or other selected professional meetings and conferences.
  1. Serve on internal library committees as needed.
  1. Perform other duties as assigned in support of the mission and goals of the Library and the department.
  1. Uses access to sensitive and/or not yet public university related information only in the performance of the responsibilities of position and exercises care to prevent unnecessary disclosures to others.
QUALIFICATIONS:  Please indicate in a general way the knowledge, abilities, skills, education and experience necessary for any individual to assume this position.  It is not the objective of this section to list any one person's specific personal traits and training.  It is important to indicate, also, what degree of competence would be required (i.e., considerable education, extensive experience, working knowledge, etc.) to perform the duties and assume the responsibilities typical of this position.
  1. Master’s degree in library sciences - or equivalent degree – from a program accredited by the American Library Association, or its appropriate equivalent in librarianship from another country, or have equivalent experience.
  2. Experience with common web development and/or usability testing techniques
  3. Experience with HTML, CSS and/or JavaScript;
  4. Experience testing interfaces for usability and/or accessibility
  1. Ability to respond effectively to changing needs and priorities showing initiative and flexibility.
  1. Strong service ethic and the ability to interact effectively and work productively and collaboratively with a variety of colleagues and levels of staff.
  1. Ability to use technology in creative ways to solve problems and/or facilitate workflow.
  1. Ability to respond effectively to changing needs and priorities showing initiative and flexibility.
  1. Strong diagnostic skills and considerable comfort with both the Windows and Linux environment.
  1. Advanced computer skills, and familiarity with Microsoft Windows, macOS and/or Linux
  1. Demonstrated ability to work creatively, collaboratively, and effectively and to promote teamwork, diversity, equality, and inclusiveness within the UMass Amherst Libraries and the campus.
  1. Excellent interpersonal, written, and oral skills, including presentation skills.
  1. Understands responsibilities with respect to conflicts of interest and behaves in ways consistent both with law and with University policy.
  1. Contributes toward creating a positive and respectful workplace defined by personal and professional competence, integrity and collaboration.
  1. Understands and contributes to implementation of departmental and institutional goals for achieving non-discrimination and creating a respectful, inclusive environment that is supportive of diversity.
  1. Understanding, appreciation and experience with the goals of higher education.
  1. Coursework in user experience research methods
  2. Experience working in a library or educational environment
  3. Experience with web content management systems, APIs, and/or web analytics.

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