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Director, Stephen A. Schwarzman Building

Director, Stephen A. Schwarzman Building

The New York Public Library Job Location: New York Date Created: 03-20-2015


The New York Public Library is one of the world’s leading cultural institutions for the advancement of knowledge and the study of humankind.  It is characterized by outstanding collections, inspirational reading rooms, excellent exhibitions, exciting convenings on digital projects, and services for researchers coming from a broad variety of fields and backgrounds.  The Library is a center of serious scholarship, a home for writers, a resource for information seekers, and a welcoming place for the intellectually curious.  


The Library seeks a director to lead the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building (SASB) in becoming an even more indispensable and accessible hub for all users, a model of excellence in library operations and service, and an exemplar of community engagement and extension of world-class collections and staff expertise.  With oversight of SASB’s staff, services, and finances, the SASB Director will model strong leadership, inspiration, and support of the Library staff in their work and ongoing development.  This is particularly significant at a time of significant evolution in the use of research materials and the very nature of research objects.  The SASB Director will participate in the creative use and reuse of Library spaces, supporting the seamless integration of study, learning, and research with library collections and services across disciplines.  



Reporting to the Andrew W. Mellon Director for the Research Libraries, the SASB Director:


Leads the team of senior curators and their staffs charged with

  • promoting and supporting the use of the collections

  • serving the public and making collections accessible

  • selecting materials for digitization, engaging online users around digital projects and participatory efforts, and promoting new uses of the collections by advanced digital practitioners

  • teaching, writing, presenting, and preparing exhibitions, presenting programs, and developing other products based on the Library’s collections

  • contributing to the development of the Library’s collections through an understanding of the collection’s strengths, their use, scholarly trends, and the identification and pursuit of particular collecting opportunities

Oversees the work of reference and public service staff and works with leadership to develop best practices by

  • developing and promoting the cross-departmental and cross-institutional collaboration needed to provide a seamless and successful user experience

  • integrating the public service activities of SASB units to promote deeper connections and understanding of user needs, collection strengths, and staff expertise

  • recruiting, motivating, mentoring, and retaining a highly-skilled professional staff

  • supporting staff development to aid role flexibility and teamwork, advance technical skills, and assist the staff as a whole to innovate

  • participating in the program and service design for the Midtown Campus

  • planning service enhancements, working closely with colleagues from multiple departments to ensure smooth implementation

Is an outward-facing advocate and spokesperson for the importance of

  • the Humanities and Social Sciences in American life and human culture

  • the role of Libraries in supporting scholarship and other investigations in these fields

  • the significant contributions that SASB collections, staff, and space have made in the past, currently make, and will make in the future in support of this work (i.e. SASB’s important place in the important worlds of Humanities and Research Libraries)

Engages in fundraising and external relations with community, government, and philanthropic leaders as well as with scholars, library organizations, and educational institutions from around the world


Key Competencies:
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Accountability
  • Digital Literacy
  • Advanced degree in the humanities and social sciences or master’s degree in library and information science from an ALA-accredited program

  • Relevant work experience or academic achievement in the humanities and/or social sciences

  • Successfully demonstrated leadership experience within a library or other educational institution, with substantial supervisory experience and fiscal responsibility

  • Demonstrated understanding of the ways a research library’s collections facilitate scholarship and of the diverse, changing ways researchers, writers, educators, and students use physical and digital collections for learning and creative pursuits

  • Demonstrated commitment to public service and to the particular role that research collections and services play in service of a public library mission

  • Demonstrated ability to engage curators, librarians, staff, and external constituencies in the collaborative planning, coordination, and execution of new services or programs

  • Demonstrated ability to establish and maintain close and productive working relationships with colleagues and constituents in an environment where consultation, flexibility, collaboration, and cooperation are essential

  • Excellent interpersonal, written, and oral communication skills
Work Environment:
  • Office environment
Evenings and weekends as required
Schedule subject to change
Union / Non Union:
Non Union

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