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Member Experience

The Association aims to engender a member experience in which all members feel welcome and can participate in and benefit from the Association. Members participate in governance activities in a number of ways, from service on committees, advisory groups, task forces, and working groups to service on the Board of Directors. Engagement also occurs with participation in meetings and contact between member representatives and ARL staff.

Key Accomplishments in 2018

Membership Convenes for Spring, Fall 2018 Meetings

ARL member representatives, ARL Leadership Fellows, staff, and guests gathered in Atlanta, Georgia, in April, and in Washington, DC, in September, for the 172nd and 173rd Association Meetings. All available presentation slides and other materials from the Spring Meeting, including the Arlies Film Festival videos, are linked from the speakers’ names or session titles in the summary of the Spring Meeting on the ARL website. All available presentation slides from the Fall Meeting as well as notes taken by ARL staff and by Unconference session participants are linked from the speakers’ names or session titles in the summary of the Fall Meeting.

ARL Updates Priorities with Input from Membership

In February, the Association administered a Value Proposition Survey to member representatives to assess how well ARL supports member needs. ARL staff presented the results of the survey at the Spring Association Meeting and used the results, along with an assessment of the Strategic Framework, to develop new priorities for the Association. Throughout the year, enabling capacity committees, advisory groups, and a working group, with Association staff and the Board of Directors, honed an Action Plan where ARL can deliver the most value. At the Fall Association Meeting, member representatives reviewed and commented on draft priorities and strategic objectives. An Action Plan for 2019–2021 will be distributed to the Board for approval in February and to the membership soon afterward.

New Member Representatives Attend Orientations in March, October

The Association welcomed two groups of new member representatives to ARL headquarters in the spring and fall. The agenda covered such topics as governance, life as a new director, and how the Association can help and engage member representatives. Staff also introduced the directors from new member institutions Simon Fraser University and Virginia Commonwealth University to ARL statistics gathering and other aspects of a membership organization.