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Criteria for Assessing ARL Leadership Fellows Program Applicants

The ARL Leadership Fellows program seeks to build an inclusive, diverse cohort of participant-leaders and institutional perspectives from among emerging library and archives leaders at research institutions across Canada and the United States. The applicant review process recognizes the accomplishments and preparation of senior leaders in research libraries and archives, while also explicitly embracing talented individuals with diverse and nontraditional backgrounds and career trajectories. A highly diverse cohort of distinctive, talented, emerging leaders provides a powerful and enriching environment for participants.

The program assesses candidates using six criteria:

  • Experience: Applicants generally work at a senior level and report to the most senior leader in the organization, or have equivalent experience. Exceptions are rare and are based on fit with the experience and aspirations of other cohort applicants.
  • Leadership interest: Applicants aspire to senior-level leadership roles in academic or research libraries or archives, or other senior-level roles within education or research institutions; show a commitment to taking on a broader scope of responsibility; and have a keen interest in advancing equity and diversity within higher education and research libraries.
  • Performance: Applicants are professionally accomplished, demonstrating leadership capacity and exceptional and consistent performance in current management, and show evidence of taking on strategic initiatives and advancing them within their institutions and beyond.
  • Evidence of leadership per ARL Guiding Principles: Applicants show experience and leadership practice that align with ARL’s Guiding Principles and demonstrate a passion for the future role of academic and research libraries and archives in a changing research, learning, and teaching context.
  • Committed pursuit of diversity, equity, and inclusion: ARL identifies the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) as critical components for advancing its work and for the work of research libraries. Evidence demonstrating an applicant’s strategic and tactical work in advancing DEI and addressing structural inequity will be distinctive markers of successful applications. Applicants should demonstrate their understanding of DEI principles; their support of DEI initiatives within their organization, institution, and in higher education and the profession; and how the applicant embeds and embraces DEI values and perspective into their daily work.
  • Engagement: Applicants show a record of effective engagement with others in professional and interpersonal relationships in order to advance institutional goals, for example, planning and design groups, implementation teams, and within and across professional organizations.

The application period for the 2021–2022 ARL Leadership Fellows cohort opens on January 25, 2021. The application deadline for fellows has been extended to Friday, July 2, 2021. To learn about the application process and how to apply, please visit the 2021–2022 Fellows Cohort Application site.