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Current VPOs

Scout CalvertScout Calvert, Michigan State University, is working with a team from ARL, the Coalition for Networked Information (CNI), and EDUCAUSE in a strategic partnership to better understand how research libraries can best advance research and learning during these times of significant changes in the production, dissemination, and reuse of digital content.


Stephanie McReynolds, Ava Brillat, Gordon Daines, Greg DavisStephanie McReynolds, Syracuse University; Ava Brillat, University of Miami; Gordon Daines, Brigham Young University; and Greg Davis, Iowa State University (photos clockwise from top left) are advancing the Research Library Impact Framework initiative.



Alanna Aiko MooreAlanna Aiko Moore, UC San Diego, is enhancing and supporting the mentorship component of ARL’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion programs.



photo of Jennifer MuilenburgJennifer Muilenburg, University of Washington, is working with ARL’s Scholars and Scholarship team, developing policies and practices to advance research data sharing.



photo of Darcée OlsonDarcée Olson, Louisiana State University, is writing a series of briefs on topics related to digital rights, including controlled digital lending, digitization, licensing reform, and contract preemption.



photo of Jennifer OsorioJennifer Osorio, UCLA, is supporting the ARL Academy Leadership Research Project Task Force in its work to examine the gap between the current role played by leaders of research libraries and the role those leaders want to/should take with their libraries.



Victoria Owen.Victoria Owen, University of Toronto, is a joint VPO with ARL and the Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL) and is chair of the Joint Task Force on Marrakesh Treaty Implementation.



Peter PotterPeter Potter, Virginia Tech, is developing a robust communications structure for TOME (Toward an Open Monograph Ecosystem). He is also tracking books published through TOME in order to assess impact.


Micah VandegriftMicah Vandegrift, NC State University, is working with the ARL Scholars & Scholarship program to design and deliver a pilot experience—Accelerating the Social Impact of Research (ASIR)—for a cohort of eight ARL member libraries that are advancing open research practices at their institutions.