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Current VPOs

Kiyomi DeardsKiyomi Deards, University of Nebraska–Lincoln, is conducting research and producing resources for ARL member libraries and archives to use in strengthening their efforts to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion.


steve-hiller-140x105 Steve Hiller, University of Washington, is leading consultations and training to help libraries develop sustainable assessment efforts that demonstrate their contributions to teaching, learning, and research. He is also Library Assessment Conference co-chair.


Cynthia Hudson-Vitale, Penn State University, and Jennifer Muilenburg, University of Washington, are working on ARL’s Scholars and Scholarship team, developing policies and practices to advance research data sharing.


Stephanie McReynolds, Ava Brillat, Gordon Daines, Greg Davis, Glenn McGuigan

Stephanie McReynolds, Syracuse University; Ava Brillat, University of Miami; Gordon Daines, Brigham Young University; Greg Davis, Iowa State University; and Glenn McGuigan, Penn State Harrisburg, are advancing the Research Library Impact Framework initiative.


Sarah Murphy

Sarah Murphy, Ohio State University, is supporting the Salary Survey Task Force. The task force is reviewing the current ARL Annual Salary Survey and will propose improvements to the collection of salary information from member libraries for the FY 2020–2021 cycle.


Peter PotterPeter Potter, Virginia Tech, is developing a robust communications structure for TOME (Toward an Open Monograph Ecosystem). He is also tracking books published through TOME in order to assess impact.


Barbara-headshotBarbara Williams, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is assessing, enhancing, and managing the mentorship component of ARL’s diversity and leadership programs.