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Equitable Student Outcomes and an Inclusive Learning Environment

Research question: (How) does the library contribute to equitable student outcomes and an inclusive learning environment?

Project Teams

Project Descriptions

Pilot Project: Texas Tech University

The Texas Tech University (TTU) Libraries will focus on developing methods to measure the collections and resources available to the TTU community for the study of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Many academic institutions are already aware of the need to address these issues. TTU Libraries is working on developing a methodology for large research institutions to tackle the issue. If successful, other institutions could apply it to their collections. In addition, the TTU Libraries will develop a method to measure the success of library instruction on courses taught in these areas. Other academic institutions and areas of study could apply this measurement as well.

Pilot Project: University of Houston and UC Riverside

Project description forthcoming.

Practice Brief: University of Washington

This practice brief will document the process by which the Undergraduate Student Success team at the University of Washington created a library outreach assessment framework. The framework, centered on demonstrating and communicating the value and impact of outreach activities, includes the Library Outreach Assessment Toolkit, a group of adaptable and flexible template documents that guide the assessment process for outreach activities. The toolkit was designed to help set outreach goals and outcomes and choose appropriate assessment methods for each outreach activity. Guided by a primarily qualitative, mixed-methods approach to assessment, the toolkit allows practitioners to document student engagement and feedback, and use data to thoroughly examine outreach programs.

The practice brief will describe the process by which the team created the outreach assessment framework and toolkit and will include reflections on this work after engaging in outreach assessment for four years. The practice brief will also explore how principles of critical assessment can be applied to the outreach assessment framework, specifically, to what extent student voices and perspectives are taken into account during the assessment cycle.