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ARL Member Library Directors on Putting the Code to Work

The Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Academic and Research Libraries came out in January 2012, and we have been spreading the good news at events around the country ever since. The goal of preparing the Code, of course, was not just to spread the good news, but to actually help academic and research libraries better take advantage of their fair use rights. We are very happy to say that we are already hearing of positive changes happening in libraries around the country thanks to the Code. In the following video interviews, taped in October 2012, five dynamic leaders of ARL libraries describe how they are using the Code to inform new approaches to questions of copyright and fair use.

Our first two public events, just days after the Code was released, were in California. Therefore, it is not surprising that UCLA and UC Berkeley are two places where the document has already done significant good. First, UCLA university librarian, Gary Strong, describes how he thinks of fair use in the context of risk management, and how the Code has empowered his team and helped them get work done:


Next, UC Berkeley university librarian, Tom Leonard, describes his approach to copyright and his experience taking advantage of the Code to support the creation of the Fritz-Metcalf Photograph Collection:


Then, University of Florida dean of libraries, Judy Russell, talks about how she worked with her university counsel and her staff to take the Code as the minimum of their fair use practice, rather than an outer limit:


Next, Susan Gibbons, university librarian at Yale, describes how she was involved at the inception of the Code and how it has kicked off a series of larger discussions about copyright policy at Yale:


Finally, David Carlson talks about how he used the Code, and worked with folks from the Code team, to develop new policies on copyright when he took over as dean of university libraries at Texas A&M:



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