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Our Priorities

Our Shared Objective for 2019–2021

True to the ARL mission and in pursuit of our vision, our shared objective is to advance an equitable and enduring research information environment that meets the needs of scholars now and in the future. In collaboration with our members and  partners around the world, ARL will explore, pilot, enhance, and scale initiatives to ensure research libraries can do their best work. This will enable scholars to do their best work.

2019–2021 Priorities

In order to achieve the shared objective, the Association will engage with and influence research libraries and their parent organizations, research and learning communities, and public policy makers. We will do this by:

  • Advocating for public policies in support of the mission and shared objective
  • Catalyzing collective efforts to achieve enduring and barrier-free information
  • Creating diverse, equitable, inclusive, and accessible services, collections, and work environments
  • Providing data and analytics on research library practices, effectiveness, and impact

This section of the website will track the activities related to the goals of these four priorities, as well as their outputs and impact.

ARL Action Plan 2019–2021 Infographic

The ARL Action Plan 2019-2021 infographic (February 22, 2019) presents a brief overview of the primary focus and goals for the Association over the next three years.