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Scholars & Scholarship

Our priority is to align library strategy, staffing, and spending to advance the principles and practices of open scholarship. Through collective action with partners in research and learning communities, we increase the amount of high-quality scholarship that is openly available, support our members to promote “open science by design” within their own institutions, and provide leadership on high-impact collective collections initiatives.

Research libraries partner in the creation of new research and scholarship while they also manage vast collections in print, special collections, media, and other formats. A new openness in scholarly and research environments is transforming how knowledge is created, shared, and sustained. We contribute to this transformation by deeply engaging with scholarly communities and acting collectively to reduce friction between users and the information they seek and create.

Contact Cynthia Hudson Vitale (cvitale@arl.org) or Judy Ruttenberg (judy@arl.org) to find out how you can get involved.

UCLA Library/OCLC Non-roman Script Project Bridges Access Gaps to Research Materials

With resources available in 414 languages and 12 million print and electronic volumes, UCLA Library attracts more than 15 million information seekers from around the world annually via its website....

SCOSS 2021 Update: Library Consortia Create Path for Funding Open Infrastructure

The Global Sustainability Coalition for Open Science Services (SCOSS) will soon announce its third round of funding targets for open scholarly infrastructure providers. Since 2017, the SCOSS Board has worked...

Implementing Effective Data Practices Toolkit

This communication toolkit draws upon the outcomes of a 2019 conference, “Implementing Effective Data Practices: A Conference on Collaborative Research Support,” convened by the Association of Research Libraries (ARL), California...

Realities of Academic Data Sharing (RADS) Initiative

Public access to research data is critical to advancing science and solving real world problems. In recent years a number of funding agencies have required the management and broad sharing...