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2019 Arlies Submissions

2019 Arlies Featured Films


See the PDF for film descriptions.

How-To/Instruction Films

Southern Illinois University Carbondale Library: This video breaks down the legal definition of copyright in the United States and explains each element in layman’s terms.

University of Ottawa Library / Université d’Ottawa: One of 17 videos created to adapt a live Zotero workshop to an online environment

Development/Fund-Raising Films

Duke University Libraries: A thank-you video aimed at library donors demonstrating how their support of a capital campaign made a real difference to one Duke graduate student.

University of Delaware Libraries: The video tells the story of a University of Delaware alumnus who was inspired by the Library’s Student Multimedia Design Center to follow a career path as a commercial and documentary film director.

University of Iowa Libraries: Alex Spenceri, winner of a UI Libraries’ Student Employee Scholarship, describes the benefits of working at the University of Iowa Rita Benton Music Library.

Auburn University Libraries: Marketing video for AU Libraries crowdfunding project for Tiger Giving Day 2019

Collections-Focused Films

University of Alberta Libraries: Introduces a new remote storage facility and reading room to the campus community

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Libraries: Undergraduate students who curated a full-scale exhibition for the 100th anniversary of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein talk about their transformative first encounters with rare books and special collections.

University of Rochester Libraries: “Farewell Song of Frederick Douglass,” rare sheet music recently acquired and performed at a Rochester community event by Eastman School of Music students on December 3, 2018

Publicity/Marketing Films

National Library of Medicine: Medical and public libraries sponsor community health learning during family weekly laundry time.

Temple University Libraries: This video presents a site tour of the new Charles Library at Temple University, midway through the building’s construction, narrated by Joe Lucia, dean of libraries.

University of Utah Library: Awareness of collections related to Legacy U of U Basketball Players

University of Michigan Library: This orientation video gives incoming freshman an overview of University of Michigan Library services and resources.

Columbia University Libraries: A glimpse into the range of expertise offered by the dedicated staff of Columbia University Libraries

University of Minnesota Libraries: Famous Minnesotans read Goodnight Moon to celebrate our new exhibit, “The ABC of It: Why Children’s Books Matter.”

Free-Form Films

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Libraries: A profile of a student passionate about his work with the libraries and promoting open access at MIT

Pennsylvania State University Libraries: A film of thanks for 2018 Giving Tuesday success, from students who benefit

Georgia Institute of Technology Library: We are redefining the research library of the 21st Century, creating an environment where scholars can access the vast digital cloud of humanity’s recorded knowledge.

University of Miami Libraries: As part of a global effort with various institutions, the University of Miami Libraries hosted a special session where librarians trained community volunteers to contribute to an open-source mapping project to assist with disaster relief efforts for our neighbors in Puerto Rico and Mexico.

University of Tennessee Libraries: A humorous, unscripted, lightly edited social media film intended to create conversation and community around the UT Libraries’ iconic, difficult-to-open doors in anticipation of an announcement of their replacement

Virginia Tech: The physical and virtual worlds come together in this unique immersive environment exhibit at the university libraries at Virginia Tech.

Other Submitted Films

Collections-Focused Films

University of Rochester Libraries

Free-Form Films

University of Rochester Libraries

Yale University Libraries

University of Massachusetts Amherst Libraries

University of Connecticut Libraries



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