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PowerPoint Guidelines for Presenters

ARL is strongly committed to providing access to its web content to people with print disabilities. To help us meet our commitment, please follow this checklist when creating PowerPoint slides to be shown at our meetings and subsequently posted on our website.

  1. Each slide should have a unique title.
  2. All slides should use a minimum font size of 24 points.
  3. The document should utilize recommended fonts, e.g., Palatino, Georgia,  Verdana, Tahoma, Arial, and Helvetica.
  4. If color is used to emphasize the importance of selected text or convey other meaning, an alternate method (such as bold text) should also be used.
  5. Avoid using flickering, flashing, and animated text.
  6. All URLs should contain the correct hyperlinks and display the fully qualified URLs (e.g., http://www.arl.org/ not www.arl.org).
  7. All active links should resolve to the correct destinations.
  8. All slide graphics that convey information should have alternative text associated with them. (Right-click the graphic, click “Format object,” click the “Alt Text” pane and enter a brief description of the graphic.)
  9. Fill in the Document Properties of Author, Title, Subject, Keywords, and Language under the “Summary” and “Custom” tabs. (On a Mac, see File–>Properties; on a PC, see File–>Info.)

If you would like more information about making PowerPoint presentations fully accessible, please request a detailed checklist by sending an e-mail to accessibility@arl.org.