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ARL Venture Fund 2022 Funding Cycle—Proposals Due Friday, February 25

In 2019, ARL established the Venture Fund to support the work of member organizations that advances the key priorities of the Association. The purpose of the Venture Fund is to fund the development of prototypes that scale so as to advance the Association priorities set by the members and the Board. Given this, proposals that demonstrate collaboration between member institutions will be given preference. Please note that the proposal due date is Friday, February 25, 2022.

Proposals for Venture Fund investments may come from a member representative, a group of member representatives, an Association Committee, or member library employees with the explicit approval of their library dean or director. The proposed venture must exist in some form and have an identified community of users with the potential to scale. Essentially, a proposed venture should already be a proof of concept or a prototype. This short article gives a good description of a prototype vs. a proof of concept.

Please submit your proposal through this web form by February 25 for evaluation by the Program Strategy Committee. A recommended set of proposals will be taken to the Board for a final decision at the April 2022 Board Meeting. An announcement of all accepted proposals will be made directly afterwards.

Details about the application process are available on the proposal submission form.

If you have questions about the Venture Fund application process for 2022, please send them to Jessica Andrade, associate director for Board and member relations, at jandrade@arl.org.