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Fair Use in a Day in a Life of a Legislative Assistant

Last Updated on February 26, 2015, 7:56 pm ET

*This week is Fair Use Week, an annual celebration of the important doctrines of fair use and fair dealing. It is designed to highlight and promote the opportunities presented by fair use and fair dealing, celebrate successful stories, and explain these doctrines.*  

While we are celebrating Fair Use Week from February 23-27, every week is fair use week (in fact, every day is fair use day).  This important doctrine is critical to the ability to teach, learn, share information and use every day technologies.  Fair uses are all around us.

Earlier this week, Fred von Lohmann explained how fair use enables every day technology.  Today, Jonathan Band gives a sample day in the life of a legislative assistant, showing just how often fair use is employed in a daily basis.  Read all about Fair Use in a Day in a Life of a Legislative Assistant and visit fairuseweek.org for other great resources!