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ARL Leadership Fellows Program

The ARL Leadership Fellows program is an executive leadership program designed and sponsored by ARL member libraries that facilitates the development of future senior-level leaders in large research libraries and archives. The program engages library staff who have the desire and potential for leadership at ARL libraries.

Within a multidimensional program structure, the fellows enhance their abilities to do the following:

  • Shape libraries and librarianship at the national and international levels
  • Learn to create a strategic vision for their libraries
  • Research and discuss issues critical to academic and research-intensive information environments
  • Explore major themes within the academic and research community
  • Understand an entrepreneurial mind-set and skill-set appropriate to the university leadership environment
  • Clarify what advancements and innovations in information technology mean for research library leadership
  • Expand their understanding of the dynamics and politics of campus life
  • Develop a higher-level perspective on libraries and their role in society

The program curriculum is designed to build on self-assessment and reflection and to explore a personal and professional area of interest in the context of a group setting. The learning goals and outcomes of the fellows and sponsor directors will be integrated into the curriculum. During the course of the program, fellows will construct learning plans; engage in a customized, immersive experience to shadow a library director; participate in three week-long institutes hosted by sponsoring ARL institutions; participate in online synchronous sessions; and attend three ARL Membership Meetings.

For more information about the ARL Leadership Fellows program, see “Our Collective Wisdom: Succession Planning and the ARL Research Library Leadership Program” in Journal of Library Administration, 49, no.8 (2009): 781–793.

  • Sponsors of ARL Leadership Fellows

    ARL Leadership Fellows Sponsor Directors are expected to contribute to the program planning and to host a weeklong Institute. A Sponsor Director's institution and/or library strength(s) add value to the...

  • Past ARL Leadership Fellows

    Below are rosters of past cohorts of ARL Leadership Fellows. Professional titles and institutional affiliations listed below were current at the time of fellowship and may no longer be accurate....