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2021 Changes to Naming Convention for Annual Surveys

ARL will modify the naming convention used to refer to the survey cycle and associated publications. Rather than use a date range for the ARL Statistics and ARL Salary Survey, we will use a single year that aligns with the year in which data were collected.

For example, the most recent publications released in November 2020 are:

ARL Statistics 2018–2019
ARL Annual Salary Survey 2019–2020

As you can see, the titles show different date ranges despite containing data from the exact same survey cycle, and both contain data from 2019. This naming convention makes it confusing to accurately refer to a specific survey cycle, and makes it appear as though the ARL Statistics survey and ARL Salary Survey are staggered in their data collection, which they are not.

Starting with the survey cycle that will open in January 2021, ARL will refer to the annual cycle and final publications as ARL Statistics 2020 and ARL Annual Salary Survey 2020.

For questions, please contact Kevin Borden, Senior Director of Research & Analytics at kborden@arl.org.