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Components of the Leadership and Career Development Program

The ARL LCDP engages fellows in six major experiences over a one-year period (March 2020–April 2021):

  • A two-day LCDP orientation in Washington, DC March 5–6, 2020

This is the first opportunity for participants and ARL staff to meet in person. This is also a time for participants to begin building a learning community, and to begin setting objectives for the fellowship.

  • Two multi-day LCDP Institutes focused on current issues affecting research institutions and their libraries and archives
  • A career-coaching relationship with an ARL library director or senior staff member and a personalized visit to the career coach’s institution
  • For those interested, training on identifying, developing, and conducting a capstone project on a topic of strategic importance to academic and research libraries and archives

Suggestions for these projects based on areas of activity for the Association:

    • New roles or services in research libraries and archives (including new applications of technology)
    • Changes in the scholarly communication system
    • Space innovations
    • Digital preservation
    • Collaborative approaches to service delivery
    • Learning analytics
    • New approaches to building or managing research collections
    • User studies or user experience
    • Organizational culture
    • Workforce development
    • Digital scholarship/humanities
    • Leadership or management skills development
    • Assessment and evidence-based practice
    • Diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Online learning events, such as facilitated discussions or webinars on topics related to current events in research and academic libraries or on one of the major strategic areas of ARL
  • Closing ceremony during the ARL Spring Association Meeting, April 28–30, 2021, in Toronto, ON