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Accessibility Librarian Competencies Featured on ARL Web Accessibility Blog

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In a new Web Accessibility in Research Libraries blog post, ARL visiting program officer Katya Pereyaslavska writes about “what it takes to be an ‘Accessibility Librarian’”—an emerging position that is expected to use and share extensive knowledge of “accessibility standards, policies, regulatory requirements, industry best practices, and guidelines.” In her blog post, Pereyaslavska discusses the institutional benefits of having an in-house accessibility specialist and she reviews the key competencies that such a specialist should possess. She also notes, “While the accessibility librarian might be the expert in the field of specialization, it is critical that they are able to train and educate other library staff in this area in order to ensure that all library staff have basic competencies to handle entry-level queries from patrons or provide basic tech support to assistive technology users.” Read the blog post, “Accessibility Librarian Competencies.”

About the Blog

The Web Accessibility in Research Libraries blog is an enhancement of ARL’s Web Accessibility Toolkit, which aims to:

  • Promote the principles of accessibility, universal design, and digital inclusion.
  • Help research libraries achieve digital accessibility.
  • Connect research libraries with the tools, people, and examples they need to provide accessible digital content.

The ARL Accessibility and Universal Design Working Group hopes the blog will stimulate discussion of accessibility issues in the research library community and encourages individuals to share their ideas and knowledge by contributing posts to the blog.

Future blog topics might include:

  • Accessibility audits
  • Online learning
  • Special projects of interest

If you are interested in contributing a blog post, send e-mail to accessibility@arl.org.

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About ARL

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