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Accessibility Webinar to Foster Library-Publisher Collaboration on Inclusive Learning Resources

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ARL is offering a free webinar to raise awareness about the value of producing or procuring accessible born-digital resources to support library users of all abilities. The webinar, “Working Together: Research Libraries and Publishers on the Value of Inclusive Learning Resources,” is intended for library administrators and staff, as well as members of the publishing community.

This webinar is part of the accessibility awareness program being produced by ARL’s Accessibility and Universal Design Working Group and ARL visiting program officer Katya Pereyaslavska.

The webinar is designed to:

  • Raise awareness of accessibility standards and help establish a community of practice across research libraries and affiliated vendors
  • Share how research libraries in the United States and Canada are evolving to foster more inclusive learning environments for users of all abilities
  • Develop awareness among (and research library partnerships with) scholarly publishers to achieve a shared strategic goal of compliance with accessibility legislation
  • Cultivate mindfulness of the obligations and responsibilities of publishers and research libraries with respect to providing accessible content to students and researchers with reading disabilities
  • Increase understanding of the needs of print-disabled users and the formats and delivery models that are required to address the range of needs of that diverse group
  • Initiate an active dialogue among stakeholders that will encourage the development of new and innovative solutions to the problems of equitable access

Webinar Details

Date: Tuesday, March 17, 2015
Time: 11:00 a.m.–noon eastern daylight time
Fee: None
Registration: Register online

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