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Analytics and Privacy: A Proposed Framework for Negotiating Service and Value Boundaries

Lisa Hinchliffe and Andrew Asher at CNI, Dec. 2014

Universities and libraries are increasingly moving to use the data streams created by their constituents in order to provide the best services and resources possible, but the use of this information challenges long-held principles with regard to privacy, confidentiality, informed consent, and other values. Lisa Hinchliffe of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Andrew Asher of Indiana University presented “Analytics and Privacy: A Proposed Framework for Negotiating Service and Value Boundaries” at CNI’s December 2014 membership meeting in Washington, DC. Video of the presentation is available on CNI’s YouTube and Vimeo channels.

This work will be of interest to the Libraries that Learn component of ARL’s new System of Action, which the Association is developing this year. The Libraries that Learn initiative plans to incubate the design, funding, and building of coalitions of libraries that make decisions through evidence-based investments, enabling the creation of new concepts, theories, and operational designs in support of research and learning environments. These projects will seek to employ integrated analytical strategies that will mine data for guidance in transforming those environments. For more details on Libraries that Learn and ARL’s System of Action, see the Report of the Association of Research Libraries Strategic Thinking and Design Initiative.