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ARL Board Selects Denver, Colorado, as 2023 Spring Association Meeting Location

photo of Denver skyline in spring
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During the 2022 Association of Research Libraries (ARL) Spring Meeting, the ARL Board of Directors approved Denver, Colorado, as the site location for ARL’s 2023 Spring Association Meeting. ARL’s semiannual Association Meetings bring together ARL member representatives in the United States and Canada, along with other leaders in the research enterprise. Each year, a new location is selected for the Spring Meeting, to showcase various member institutions and their work. Association Meetings are special forums where directors and leaders of major research libraries gather, exchange ideas, and discuss current and future realities of scholarly communication. These meetings provide an opportunity to grow and learn in a collaborative space together.

The 2023 Spring Association Meeting will be co-hosted by ARL member institutions in the Rocky Mountain West: University of Colorado Boulder, Colorado State University, The University of New Mexico, Brigham Young University, and The University of Utah. More information about the 2023 Spring Meeting will be available in the coming months.

“On behalf of ARL, we look forward to next year’s Spring Association Meeting and we appreciate our member institutions in the Rocky Mountain West for hosting. Each year our Spring Meeting convenes members to meet informally and informally on topics of shared interest. The 2023 Spring Meeting will be an excellent opportunity to connect and continue this tradition,” said Mary Lee Kennedy, ARL executive director.

“At a time when the role of libraries is more critical than ever, we are thrilled to welcome ARL members to Denver for the Spring Association Meeting. Access to trustworthy information and data is a fundamental societal need and we look forward to sharing ideas on how the research library community can fill this mission now and in the future,” said Robert H. McDonald, dean of University Libraries at the University of Colorado Boulder and senior vice provost of Online Education.


About the Association of Research Libraries

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