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ARL Strategic Thinking and Design Highlighted by Chronicle of Higher Education

strategic-design-domains-for-the-research-libraryA July 7, 2014, post by the Chronicle of Higher Education’s Ubiquitous Librarian blogger, Brian Mathews, calls out ARL’s strategic thinking and design work for its “optimistic and opportunistic, bold vision for the future.” In the post, “Shifting from a Knowledge Service Provider to a Collaborative Partner,” Mathews refers to the slide deck (PDF) from a presentation delivered at the May 2014 ARL Membership Meeting as “one of the most thought-provoking items I’ve seen from library-land in quite a while.” He goes on to list particular points in the presentation that intrigue him.

For more information about the presentation and other sessions of the recent ARL Membership Meeting, which focused on ARL’s strategic thinking and design work, see “ARL Membership Refines Strategic Thinking and Design at Spring 2014 Meeting.”

This summer and early fall, a working group of 10 ARL member representatives, a non-ARL representative, and ARL’s executive director and deputy executive director are developing a working strategic framework—based on the vision and system of action—to guide the Association for the next two to three years. The proposed framework will be a focus of the next Membership Meeting, to be held in Washington, DC, in October 2014.