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Georgia Tech Library Supports Digital Scholarship: 18th Profile in ARL Series

Students in retroTECH Lab

The latest installment in the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) series highlighting digital scholarship support at ARL member libraries features the work of Georgia Tech.

The Georgia Tech profile, written by ARL visiting program officer Catherine Davidson, presents a brief history of the evolution of digital scholarship support at the university, focusing on retroTECH. The retroTECH team provides Georgia Tech access to classic hardware and software along with education about how to use those vintage tools in combination with modern ones for digital archiving.

This profile describes the current work of retroTECH, including information about staffing, spaces, programs, collaboration, and sustainability. Looking to the future, “the team hopes retroTECH will start conversations with Georgia Tech’s communities, through which the library and its stakeholders can work together to grow a model of peer-to-peer digital archiving and a culture that values empathy and shared exploration of our diverse technological pasts.”

Three projects are featured in the Georgia Tech profile: Digital Pasts, Digital Futures speaker series, which brought together faculty, students, staff, alumni, and others for interdisciplinary conversations about the history and future of hardware, software, video games, and digital culture; “Doing Digital Archives in Public” manifesto, a call to action to increase public understanding of and active participation in preserving the shared, digital, cultural record; and Save This Site!, a collaboration of retroTECH and the Internet Archive that preserves and provides access to websites nominated by Georgia Tech community members. 

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