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GSU Opposes Publishers’ Motion to Reopen Record in E-Reserves Case

Georgia State University Library
GSU Library
image © Jason Puckett

Following the Eleventh Circuit’s reversal and remand of the Georgia State University (GSU) e-reserves case in which the court largely rejected many arguments advanced by the publisher plaintiffs, the publishers have now filed a motion to reopen the record. Essentially the publishers are asking for evidence of GSU’s current conduct in an effort to seek a new trial with a new set of allegations. GSU has opposed this motion, asserting that reopening the record would be highly burdensome, and noting that in filing this motion the publishers are trying to use the past seven years of litigation as a “dry run” for a “second go” at the case.

For more details, see the March 19, 2015, ARL Policy Notes blog post,“Publishers File Motion to Reopen Record in GSU Electronic Reserves Case; GSU Opposes.”

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