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Lisa Macklin Named Associate Vice Provost and University Librarian for Emory University; Organizational Changes to Enhance and Streamline Libraries and Museum

photo of Lisa Macklin
Lisa Macklin, image courtesy of Emory Libraries

Emory Libraries has appointed Lisa Macklin associate vice provost and university librarian, effective October 1, 2022. This transition is part of organizational changes within Emory Libraries and the Michael C. Carlos Museum that are intended to enhance and streamline internal work and create more capacity for public programs.

Macklin served as interim dean and university librarian at Emory from November 2021 to June 2022 and continued in an administrative capacity for a three-month transition from June to September 30, 2022, after Valeda F. Dent was appointed the inaugural vice provost of libraries and museum, effective July 1, 2022. In her new role, Macklin continues to report to Dent and serves as Emory’s representative to the Association of Research Libraries (ARL).

Macklin has broad responsibility for Emory Libraries, with the associate university librarians and branch directors reporting to her with newly aligned titles. Two other library leaders report directly to Dent: the chief business officer for Emory Libraries and the Carlos Museum and the director of Campus and Community Relations. These units continue to support Emory Libraries and key initiatives within the Carlos Museum. At the Carlos Museum, the departments of exhibitions and education as well as marketing and communications have been merged to create a new specialty area focused on the creation, promotion, and delivery of public programs. Future organizational shifts will focus on a convergence of expertise, ideas, infrastructure, and innovation for the Carlos Museum and Emory Libraries.

photo of Valeda Dent
Valeda F. Dent, image courtesy of Emory Libraries

“As I considered our organizational structure, a guiding principle for me has been consistency and stability, as well as positioning Emory Libraries and the Carlos Museum to build on our successes and engage with campus initiatives such as AI.Humanity, Student Flourishing, and Emory Arts,” said Dent. “This emerging structure will, over time, help to enhance and streamline some of our internal work, and eventually allow both the Emory Libraries and Carlos Museum to redirect energies and expertise for greater focus on areas such as community engagement, advancing equality and equity as well as public programming.”

For more information about this reorganization, see the Emory news release, “Organizational Changes Position Emory Libraries and Carlos Museum for Even Greater Innovation.”