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Mary Lee Kennedy Keynotes at LIANZA on Research Libraries Advancing Future Generations

Mary Lee Kennedy giving keynote address at LIANZA 2019
Mary Lee Kennedy at LIANZA 2019

Association of Research Libraries executive director Mary Lee Kennedy gave a keynote speech on October 23 at the LIANZA Conference 2019 in Manukau, Aotearoa/New Zealand. The biennial event brings together over 500 library and information professionals from New Zealand and around the world. A video of Kennedy’s address, “Our Families, Our Communities, Our Libraries: Research Libraries as Partners in Advancing the Well-Being of All Future Generations,” is now available on the LIANZA YouTube channel.

Setting the context for her presentation, Kennedy noted that our world is dominated by volatility, complexity, and dramatic shifts that shake up our institutions and the broader communities we live in. Research and technology reshape our lives in almost unimaginable ways, and institutions of higher education and society at large debate the value of the humanities while we face a range of very human demographic shifts. In this mix is the call for research and teaching to create public good, locally and more broadly. In this state of continual flux, research libraries advance the well-being of all future generations by enabling knowledge creation and barrier-free access to information.

For more on the LIANZA Conference 2019 and Kennedy’s keynote, visit the conference website.