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McMaster University Library Supports Digital Scholarship: 11th Profile in ARL Series

Lewis & Ruth Sherman Centre for Digital Scholarship

The latest installment in the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) series highlighting digital scholarship support at ARL member libraries features the work of the McMaster University Library.

The McMaster University profile, written by ARL visiting program officer Catherine Davidson, presents a brief history of the evolution of digital scholarship support at the university, focusing on the Lewis & Ruth Sherman Centre for Digital Scholarship. The Sherman Centre was established in 2012 with the support of a $2.5 million gift from the Lewis & Ruth Sherman Foundation. In addition to subsidizing the center’s startup costs, the foundation’s gift provides ongoing support by funding some of the center’s operating costs.

This profile describes the current work of the Sherman Centre for Digital Scholarship, including information about staffing, services, fellowships, outreach, and funding. The profile concludes with a brief discussion of how the Sherman Centre is looking to the future to extend existing partnerships with campus and community partners and become truly self-sustaining. The center looks forward to a time when a holistic picture of digital scholarship’s impact will emerge and make its significance clear.

Four projects are featured in the profile: the Demystifying Digital Scholarship Workshop Series, offering a range of programming from introductory workshops on digital scholarship to building data sets with social media; Graduate Fellowship in Digital Scholarship Research Projects, selected projects by graduate students who won this annual award giving them an opportunity to incorporate digital scholarship tools and methodologies into their research; Critical Methods in Technoculture Seminars, bringing together an international group of emerging scholars to activate a research agenda of feminist critical communications scholarship and to develop a careful approach to embryonic digital research methods across disciplines; and Raising McMaster’s Research Profile with the Semantic Platform VIVO, a proposal that aims to implement VIVO as a robust, semantically powered platform in order to ensure that McMaster University’s research expertise is optimally presented to the world.

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