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Memorial: Edward R. Johnson, 1940–2013

Edward R. Johnson, image © Oklahoma State

Edward R. Johnson, dean of the Oklahoma State University Library from 1987 to his retirement in 2003, passed away on April 25, 2013, at the age of 72. Johnson was an instrumental voice in defeating the passage of UCITA in Oklahoma. His efforts in this endeavor as well as his alliance with the Oklahoma attorney general had implications in the nationwide defeat of UCITA.

Johnson contributed directly to the ARL community through his service on various ARL committees such as the Committee on the Management of Research Library Resources (1990–1992), the Statistics and Measurement Committee (1993–1995), the Diversity Committee (1996–1998), and the Research Library Leadership and Management Committee (1999–2001).

Prior to his tenure at Oklahoma, Johnson served as a librarian at the University of Iowa, assistant dean of Libraries for technical operations at Pennsylvania State University, and director of libraries at North Texas State University.

For more details about Edward Johnson’s career, see the Oklahoma Library Legends website.