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Memorial: Kaye Gapen, 1943–2019

Kaye Gapen, image courtesy of Trinity Washington University

Delores Kaye Gapen, who led the libraries at The University of Alabama, University of Wisconsin–Madison, Case Western Reserve University, and Trinity Washington University, died on February 14, 2019, at age 75.

Gapen began her career as a cataloger at the College of William & Mary (1971–1972). Then she served as assistant head of the Quick Editing section (1972–1974) and head of cataloging (1974–1977) at The Ohio State University, assistant director of technical services at Iowa State University (1977–1981), dean of the University Libraries at The University of Alabama (1981–1984), dean of the General Library System at the University of Wisconsin–Madison (1984–1991), director of the University Library at Case Western Reserve University (1991–1996), director of Library and Academic Services (2005–2007) and vice president and provost (2007–2009) at Trinity Washington University, and principal consultant with Northern Lights Inc. (1995–2019).

Kaye Gapen was active in the Association of Research Libraries (ARL), serving on the Board of Directors in 1987–1990. She chaired two task forces, the Government Information in Electronic Format Task Force (1986–1987) and the Review of the ARL Five-Year Plan Task Force (1988). She also served on two committees and three task forces:  Interlibrary Loan Committee (1982–1984), Bibliographic Control Committee (1983–1985), Implementation of the ARL Plan of Action Task Force on Scholarly Communication (1983–1984), Scholarly Communication Task Force (1985–1988), and Telecommunications Task Force (1990).

For more information about her life and career, see Kaye Gapen’s obituary from the University of Washington Information School and her biography in Prabook.