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Networked Publishing: U Kentucky to Host Symposium on Digital Writing in the Humanities

u-kentucky-networked-publishing-symposium-logoThe University of Kentucky College of Arts & Sciences is offering a free, public symposium on April 25, 2015, “Networked Publishing: Digital Writing in the Humanities.” Douglas Armato, director of the University of Minnesota Press, will present the keynote address.

Featured speakers include:

Margy Avery, former senior acquisitions editor at MIT Press
Shoshana Berger, editorial director at IDEO
Maria Bonn, editor of the Journal of Electronic Publishing
Jeff Ullrich, past CEO of Earwolf

The Networked Publishing symposium asks speakers to question or trace the future or present of digital publishing, particularly as scholarly work and university interests identify themselves as part of larger networks of meaning, interaction, professionalism, and education. What must digital publishing do to continue the promotion of ideas to both specialized and general audiences as communication forms continue to change? What is digital publishing currently doing in response to new scholarly demands? What are writers doing to better utilize platforms, media, strategies, audience interaction, or other features?

Academic publishing has dealt with a variety of incidents and narratives over the last several years regarding its ability to succeed in the digital era. This symposium asks invited speakers to address the challenges, needs, failures, successes, experiences, provocations, and other related topics to the future or present situation of digital publishing as a scholarly and/or academic exercise. Speakers will address audio, print, visual, and other forms of digital publishing.

For more information and to register, visit the Networked Publishing: Digital Writing in the Humanities website.