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New ARL Library Directors Interviewed in Chronicle of Higher Education

Valerie Hotchkiss, Anne Jarvis, John Unsworth (left to right)

The Chronicle of Higher Education recently published brief profiles of three new directors of ARL member libraries: Valerie Hotchkiss, university librarian at Vanderbilt University effective August 1, 2016; Anne Jarvis, university librarian at Princeton University effective October 1, 2016; and John M. Unsworth, university librarian and dean of libraries at University of Virginia effective June 25, 2016. In the June 19 Chronicle article, “3 Librarians Bring Skills in Preservation and Technological Innovation to Their New Top Roles,” national correspondent Peter Monaghan describes the personal, educational, and professional experiences that drew Hotchkiss, Jarvis, and Unsworth to librarianship and how those experiences have informed the three directors’ indiviudal missions going into their new positions.