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NISO Publishes Updated Metrics Data Dictionary for Libraries and Information Providers

On July 29, the National Information Standards Organization (NISO) released the fifth edition of the standard ANSI/NISO Z39.7, Information Services and Use: Metrics and Statistics for Libraries and Information Providers—Data Dictionary. The Z39.7 Data Dictionary assists the information community in the identification, definition, collection, and interpretation of statistical data used to describe the current status and condition of libraries in the US. The standard absorbs many of the de facto definitions established in various national surveys and data collection programs to provide a body of valid and comparable data on American libraries.

With this new edition of the Z39.7 Data Dictionary, NISO updated and integrated the previously separate e-metrics into the body of the standard for ease of use. Other revisions reflected in this edition include reformatting and reorganization, additional data-gathering tools, and updated survey references.

Originally published in 1968 with the title Library Statistics, the standard has evolved through its subsequent editions, culminating in an online data dictionary and new title in the 2004 edition. In 2008, NISO moved the standard from periodic to continuous maintenance and established the Z39.7 Standing Committee to maintain the standard. Biannually the committee evaluates user comments and suggestions and considers such feedback for inclusion in the next edition. In addition to user input, the committee reviews other standards and best practices that are related to the Data Dictionary.

To view/download the Data Dictionary or learn more about the committee’s work, visit the Z39.7 Standing Committee webpage.